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Blood pressure 90/40

Not long ago, low cardiac pressure (hypotension) doctors considered less dangerous than pressure high (hypertension). However, medical science has proven that low blood pressure is also dangerous, and can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences. Therefore, you should refrain refers to this type of the disease, recourse to an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

What blood pressure is considered low

Blood pressure readings consist of two numbers: systolic – the pressure of blood on the walls of blood vessels during contraction of the ventricles of the heart, and diastolic is the pressure between heartbeats.

Modern medical management believe that a normal pulse pressure is 120/80 or below. The best is systolic of 115 and diastolic is 75. Low cardiac pressure starts from the value of 90/60. Pressure classified as low or low when it detects that low just one indicator. To low will take the pressure with the value 115/50. Generally cardiac pressure 50, as an indicator of diastolic, is cause to think seriously about the General condition and the need to go to the doctor. Blood pressure 90/40 can be caused by acute myocardial infarction, severe arrhythmia, severe allergic reaction or pulmonary embolism. If the tonometer shows lower value of 40, it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Causes of blood pressure 90/40

Causes of blood pressure 90/40Common cause decompression – loss of tone of the vascular system. Blood circulation slows down due to the weakness of the vessels, so the power supply of all organs with oxygen occurs defective. This is the first to suffer the brain, and other parts of the body. Among the immediate causes include:

  • Disorders of the heart. Decompression can cause bradycardia, heart failure, or some problems with heart valves.
  • Endocrine disorders – hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, in some cases, diabetes and adrenal insufficiency – provoking lowering the tone of blood vessels.
  • Pregnancy, at the beginning of its occurrence, accompanied by a drop in systolic values by 5-10 mm., diastolic 10-15. Low cardiac pressure in this case is normal, because after birth the child’s blood pressure returns to normal values.
  • Dehydration as a result of high physical stress, diarrhoea or abuse of diuretics.
  • Blood loss as a result of injury.

Treatment for low blood pressure 90/40

Treatment of low pressure begins with accurate diagnosis by a specialist. First of all, you should eliminate the disease, which is hypotonia serves as accompaniment. In most cases the treatment is performed by a cardiologist, but if necessary, the patient will receive the direction and to the neurologist.

Complex therapy of hypotension requires correction of all lifestyle in the direction of increasing activity and recreation. Recommended walks in the fresh air, lessons any kind of sport or exercise stress, increase sleep, fight against fatigue.

Of physiotherapy tools to improve the tone of blood vessels a doctor can be administered magnetotherapy, cryotherapy, reflexology, massage. These procedures softly stimulate blood circulation in all, even the smallest vessels.

Medication low pressure is focused on the use of products containing caffeine, or vegetable and animal drugs of a stimulating nature. We are talking about adaptogens – Chinese Schizandra, Siberian ginseng, ginseng, pantokrina. Sometimes prescribed sedatives and tranquilizers: phethanolum, ephedrine, phenylephrine, and adrenal hormones (cargin).

Shown in hypotension appropriate Spa treatment.


What to do for low blood pressure

The problem of how to raise a heart pressure, will help solve the power mode. Traditionally helps to cheer up a Cup of strong coffee in the morning, the main supplier of caffeine. But to raise blood pressure help and the use of sodium: in nutrition include salty foods. Perfect with a Cup of coffee add a cheese sandwich. In the cheese perfectly combined salt and animal fats, have a tonic effect on blood vessels.

Food in General should be reconsidered in favor of optimizing the selection of products. Overall food set should work to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Why low cardiac pressure is accompanied by a bad mood? Hypotensive patients are characterized by high emotionality. Therefore, the abrupt mood often leads to a decrease in pressure. Should work towards psychological resistance to all kinds of trouble. Here can help well-organized physical activity.

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