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Blood pressure 90/70

Pressure 90 over 60 – this is not the model parameters, and parameters of blood pressure, which for some people can be the norm, while others cause a lot of inconvenience, causing weakness, dizziness, in General, a condition in which literally lose heart and no energy to do all the usual things. Low blood pressure is called hypotension, and many people wonder what to do to feel comfortable is to take medications or use other means to normalize the blood pressure.

Blood pressure 90/70 – its norm?

Blood pressure is called the pressure force of blood against the vascular wall. Once the heart is filled with blood, it pushes it, supplying all the organs of the human body. Indices are denoted by a slash, the first number refers to systolic pressure (the activity of the heart muscle) and the second is diastolic (vascular tone).

Norm is considered to be the pressure 120/80, although different people have these indicators may vary. 90/60 also may be the norm for some young healthy people, indicating that physiological tissues.

In the absence of complaints of feeling unwell, this individual human body cannot be considered a pathology. If the pressure 90 over 60 and below accompanied by some symptoms, such as headaches or General weakness, you should consult a doctor. The fact is that low blood pressure can be just as dangerous as high, as a sign of some serious diseases of the body.

In fact 90/70 is the pressure, which is a kind of limit for normal operation of all systems and organs of the human body. Such a physiological condition may be typical for athletes exposing themselves to regular physical activity.But there is a large number of people for whom the normal pressure is 120/80 or 110/70, respectively, blood pressure 90 over 60 cause them to have various autonomic disorders.


In such situations we are talking about symptomatic hypotension requiring proper treatment. Often the decrease in pressure indicates the presence of serious diseases, such as cancer tumors, infections, etc. This means that you should not ignore this condition, it is better as soon as possible to go to the doctor for examination.

Causes of blood pressure 90/70

If we talk about hypotension when pressure 90 over 60, it may be both primary and secondary. Primary hypotension is an independent disease, which may occur defective feeding or strained person, and also be inherited. The causes of this condition can be due to normal stress, acclimatization, lack of vitamins, high operating or training loads.

Most often, primary hypotension develops in adolescents and young women. But in the elderly this condition may occur in response to changes in weather and atmospheric pressure. To normalize blood pressure and increase of 90 over 60 indicators can help nightly walks in the fresh air, facilitating the attacks meteodependent.

Blood pressure 90 over 70 in secondary hypotension indicate the presence in the body of the underlying pathology, for example:Causes of low blood pressure 90/70

  • intoxication
  • tuberculosis
  • a stomach ulcer;
  • hepatitis;
  • myocardial infarction
  • heart failure
  • iron deficiency anaemia
  • cancer
  • infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • diabetes mellitus, etc.

hypotension Often accompanied by so-called crises, in which the pressure can plummet to levels 60 and 90 below. The person may experience nausea, severe dizziness until passed. Lasts such a state is usually a few minutes.

What can be the symptoms low blood pressure

If the blood pressure 90 over 70 are normal, then the person should not experience any pathological symptoms. If such pressure is reduced, the following clinical signs:

  1. headaches, accompanied by pulsation in the temples and nape;
  2. heaviness and feeling of pressure in the head;
  3. weakness
  4. dizziness
  5. nausea
  6. loss of appetite
  7. problems with night;
  8. pain in the heart;
  9. tachycardia
  10. irritability and nervousness.

If the negative pressure at 90 to 70 bothering the above symptoms, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor. If identified any pathology, the specialist will prescribe the treatment, but for the treatment of hypotension are no specific medicines not exist. to Raise blood pressure if you drink strong coffee or tea, but to get involved with amphetamine is not necessary not to acquire a dependency on caffeine.

Also when pressure 90 over 60 are advised to observe the following rules:

  • not to rise abruptly from the bed immediately after waking up, this will prevent dizziness and fainting, which are not rarely occur with hypotonic;
  • keep drinking regime, drinking at least two liters of fluid during the day;
  • eat fractionally, but well balanced diet should be varied and to provide the body with all the nutrients you need;
  • often take baths and douches without extreme temperatures, to go for a massage
  • regularly do physical exercise, but avoid static loads. For people with low blood pressure best suited sports such as volleyball, swimming, tennis, etc.;
  • as often as possible ventilate your home;
  • try to rest and sleep at least eight hours a day;
  • can be used to make decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs (ginseng, schisandra, immortelle, etc.), but it is advisable to consult a doctor, and in case you are hypersensitive to certain plants and is better to refuse such treatment.

These simple useful tips will help to normalize the blood pressure and avoid hypotonic crises. If in your inner circle there are people for whom 90 70 is low blood pressure, do not scold them for drowsiness and sluggishness, you better treat them with attention, because often a good emotional state helps to deal with blood pressure.

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