Blood pressure

Blood pressure measurement

For timely diagnosis of hypertension is often used to measure blood pressure at home. To avoid incorrect results, it is very important to follow the rules of blood pressure measurement.

Before measuring blood pressure for 1 hour to eliminate the use of coffee, strong tea, do not smoke. The result will affect the use of alcoholic beverages. 5 minutes before measurement relax. If there was some physical or emotional burden, the rest should be about 30 minutes.

Pose for pressure measurement

Self-measurement of blood pressure at home is sitting. The hand put on the table (arm at heart level). The cuff imposed by the instructions to the tonometer on the shoulder and is about 2 cm higher than the elbow bend. The cuff must be suitable in size (fanning part covers about 80% of the shoulder). Arrow or electronic scoreboard pressure cuff should show zero.

How to measure blood pressure

When working with electronic tonometer follow the instructions. Air is pumped into the cuff to the value of 20 mm Hg more Systolic blood pressure (the disappearance of the pulse). The pressure in the cuff is reduced at a rate of 2 mm per second. The first tone shows Systolic blood pressure, and the disappearance of tones – Diastolic blood pressure. If the tones are very weak, they are dicult to independently listen, it is allowed to raise a hand and make some compressive movements. When measuring blood pressure in both arms should focus on those indicators that were above.

How often can I take blood pressure
For the most accurate assessment is sometimes required to measure twice. In this case, the blood pressure measurement is carried out on each hand twice. The measurement interval should not be less than one minute.

Features of blood pressure measurement

– when measuring blood pressure in the legs is a wide cuff, and a stethoscope is located in the popliteal fossa;
– if you need to measure the pulse, count at least 30 seconds at the radial artery after the last blood pressure measurement;
– interpret with caution the results obtained using a tonometer, which measures the blood pressure on the wrist (periodic inspection of the results using a conventional blood pressure monitors).

Daily monitoring of blood pressure

How to measure blood pressureSuch long-term measurement of blood pressure helps to accurately diagnose it. The doctor sees the data that were obtained during the activity day, and alone at night. Daily monitoring helps to avoid errors in the “white coat hypertension”.

Additionally, this method of diagnosis can be used:
– when the difference in blood pressure during the measurement of the house, the doctor, on different days;
– at a greater risk of complications;
– in pregnant women with suspected complication of preeclampsia;
– during episodes of hypotension, etc.

For these purposes, only medical devices. Daily monitoring can’t be replaced by frequent measurement using a conventional blood pressure monitor at home.

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