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Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitor are divided into two types: mechanical blood pressure monitors and digital blood pressure monitors.

Electronic (digital) blood pressure monitors at the same time is divided into semi-automatic blood pressure monitors and automatic blood pressure monitor.

The choice of Blood pressure monitor depends on the need of its use — for home or for the doctor. Pay attention to the characteristics of the device:

  • accuracy and stability;
  • type of blood pressure monitor;
  • type of cuff;
  • quality compressor;
  • type of charging;
  • additional functions;
  • availability and terms of warranty and service.

Blood pressure monitor – How to choose?

  • Automatic blood pressure monitors have a compressor, through which is pumped the pressure in the cuff. When bleeding air from the cuff, analyzes the parameters of the pulse wave, which, with the help of inherent in the device algorithms, determined by high and low pressure. The results of measuring blood pressure and pulse are displayed on the digital display device;
  • Half-automatic blood pressure monitor combines a mechanical air injection and a computerized evaluation of pressure and output indicators on the screen. The injection occurs via compressor manually. LCD display of Blood pressure monitor semi-automatic machine is designed for two or three indicators. The first option displays the indices of diastolic (top) and systolic (bottom) pressure and pulse displayed later. On the monitor with three lines, one can immediately see all data — rate and pressure;
  • Mechanical blood pressure monitors. This kind of popular among the users, they are cheap and accurate. Mechanical method of blood pressure measurement is not perfect because it is associated with high sensitivity to noise, interference, necessity of the precise location of the membrane of the stethoscope over the artery. A set of mechanical gauges consists of a cuff, pneumatic compressor, stethoscope and pressure gauge. To measure blood pressure requires the participation of a third person with professional skills.

Cuff of Blood pressure monitor

Automatic electronic blood pressure monitor with a cuff on the wrist are compact, easy to use. It is convenient to measure the pressure outside the home. Optimal for people under the age of 40 years and with a large amount of hands or athletes.

Types of blood pressure monitors

Disadvantages for error or automatic termination of the measurement of the pressure sensor of the digital blood pressure monitor, which is sensitive to any variation of air pressure in the cuff (for example, involuntary contraction of muscles during a conversation, or related to emotional state).

Important to know – measuring correct blood pressure on the wrist, keep the device strictly on the level of the heart. Why? Blood pressure in the hand when it falls raising and lowering increases. Holding the hand at different levels relative to the heart, we get different pressure readings. To hand was on the same level, hold it to his chest, index finger touching one point on the shoulder. Then the device is on the same level relative to the heart.

Blood pressure with a cuff on the shoulder

Measure the pressure in large arteries and give accurate result. Wrap the cuff around the arm to the end of the cuff was 2-3 cm above the elbow. Ensure that between the cuff and hand was not space because wearing loose cuff, blood pressure measurements are distorted.

Consider the shape and size of the cuff when choosing blood pressure monitor — this will evenly distribute the pressure on the artery under the cuff. For self-use blood pressure monitor equipped with a locking metal ring on the cuff, allowing you to wear it properly.

Dimensions cuff for Blood pressure monitor

Cuff on the shoulder for electronic blood pressure monitors are available in different sizes:

  • children cuff — 15 – 22 cm;
  • medium cuff — 22 – 32 cm;
  • large cuff — 32 – 42 cm.

Usually the Blood pressure monitors are provided with cuff medium length. If necessary, another long cuff available separately.

The instruments designed to measure blood pressure at the wrist, the cuff length is 13 – 20 cm For mechanical cuffs made from cotton or nylon in the following sizes: 7 – 12 cm 11 – 19 cm 18 – 26 cm 25 – 40 cm 34 – 51 cm 40 – 66 cm (at the thigh).

Video: Best Blood Pressure Monitors

Functions of Blood pressure monitor

Each automatic device or machine has one or more of the following additional features. The choice of Blood pressure monitor is driven by individual preferences and wishes:

  • technology a MAM – calculates the average value, improving the measurement accuracy of the automatic analysis of three successive measurements in less than 2 min;
  • technology PAD – diagnose arrhythmia of the pulse when measuring blood pressure;
  • diagnostic function – automatic calculation of average pressure, an indicator of arrhythmia, diagnosis in accordance with the scale of the world Health Organization;
  • availability calendar and hours;
  • memory;
  • timer;
  • system of quality control measurements;
  • system of saving battery power.

Most accurate Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitor - How to choosethe Accuracy of the readings depends not only on model but also on the behavior of a person who uses the Blood pressure monitor:

  • 30 minutes before pressure measurement do not smoke or consume caffeine-containing drinks (tea, coffee, Cola);
  • do not measure the pressure when nervous, very tired, just had a bath or after exercising;
  • inaccuracy of the figure will occur after a hearty dinner, or if you suffer constipation. The condition should be relaxed, and the stomach and intestines is not overcrowded. Check blood pressure 1-2 hours after meals;
  • on the quality of work of the device is influenced by electromagnetic fields. Do not keep cell phone near the blood pressure cuff at the measurement pressure;
  • use the device in a sitting position with your back straight ( not hunched over or putting your foot on the foot). In the supine position, place a hand placed on her by the cuff along the body.


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