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Body temperature below normal

Term: Hypothermia

Found 16 diseases with symptom body Temperature below normal

symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Sepsis high 10-14
Infectious toxic shock high 17-23
fourth degree Frostbite high 7-9
systemic inflammatory response Syndrome (syndrome) high 5-6
Opium overdose high 9-11+basic form
Acute tetraethyl lead intoxication high 13-17
Barbiturate intoxication high 11-15 + basic form
Congenital pneumonia high 15-20
benzodiazepine Poisoning high 8-10
Traumatic shock high 9-11
Anorexia high 7-9
magnesium Deficiency high 22-30
thromboangiitis Obliterans high 24-32
Mixedema high 8-11+basic form
stage 1 chronic tetraethyl lead intoxication average 8-10 + basic.form
Alcohol intoxication average 8-11


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