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Body temperature increased

We found 152 diseases with symptom body Temperature increased.

possible clarifications of the symptom body Temperature increased

body Temperature increased, but not above 38 degrees
body Temperature over 38 degrees
body Temperature rises to 37-38 degrees periodically
Prolonged (more than 2 months) temperature rise, continuous or intermittent
temperature Rise up to 15 days
body temperature Rise from 2 to 6 weeks
a Sharp rise in body temperature by 2-4 degrees, and then its reduction to normal or below
body temperature in the morning is Higher than in the evening
Temperatures (temperatures and weakness) appeared recently (1-5 days ago)

indication of symptom body Temperature increased

lower back pain
Chills are replaced by heat and then sweating, and this is repeated
sore Throat or tickles
body Temperature over 38 degrees lasts all day
Temperature fluctuates, day / evening much more than in the morning
body temperature Rise over 38 degrees every 1-3 days
muscle Pain first arise in the extremities, and then in all muscles, including the masticatory, intercostal, extraocular, muscles of the tongue and pharynx
Recent bathing in polluted waters
cat Bite or scratching 3 days to 6 weeks ago
fever Duration 5-7 days

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome high 22-29
Lyell’s Syndrome high 26-35
Tetanus high 14-19
Nuclear jaundice (syndrome) high 6-8
Myelitis high 15-19
colon cancer high 4-6
Lymphogranulomatosis high 9-12
primary liver cancer high 11-14
primary liver cancer high 11-14
Herpetic meningoencephalitis high 16-21
acute Pneumonia high 10-14
black widow’s Bite high 15-20
liver Tuberculosis high 11-15+basic form
maple syrup Disease high 11-15
Infectious endocarditis high 13-17
Purulent meningitis high 6-8 + basic.form
typhus repeated high 4-5
stomach Cancer high 8-10
severe neonatal jaundice high 8-10 + basic.form
hepatitis d acute high 13-17
Hepatitis b acute high 17-22
hepatitis d acute high 13-17
Hepatitis C acute high 18-24
Hepatitis b acute high 17-22
hepatitis a high 20-27
hepatitis a high 20-27
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), SARS high 17-23
Congenital pneumonia high 15-20
Acute form of njac high 8-11+basic form
Acute infectious thyroiditis high 8-11
pale toadstool Poisoning high 13-17
newborn Pneumonia high 7-9
Intoxication with organomercury compounds high 10-13
Optionsautomatic high 14-18
Yersiniosis (septic form) high 18-24
Hepatitis C chronic high 8-10
hepatitis b chronic high 12-16
Pseudotuberculosis high 13-17
hepatitis b chronic high 12-16
liver Cirrhosis high 4-6
multiform exudative erythema high 21-28
Ulcerative colitis high 14-19
amoebic liver abscess high 14-18
liver Cirrhosis biliary high 13-17
West Nile fever high 9-12
Burkitt’s Tumor high 12-15
Hydronephrosis high 7-9
Mediastinite high 17-22
Cholelithiasis high 22-29
Acute odontogenic osteomyelitis high 9-12
Parapharyngeal abscess high 17-22
Cholelithiasis high 22-29
hepatitis E high 14-19
Pseudotuberculosis: form of terminal ileite high 3-5 + basicform
Dysentery high 10-13
Leptospirosis, jaundice form high 3-5 + basicform
Tubulointerstitial nephritis high 8-11
Subacute thyroiditis high 7-10
brucellosis acute high 15-20
Pleurisy exudative high 6-8
Pleurisy dry high 4-5
Jaundice liver (syndrome) high 10-13
Heat stroke high 7-9
Candidiasis of lung high 15-19
Endocardial fibroelastosis high 14-19
Bronchiectasis high 5-6
Antritis (purulent) high 10-13
Campylobacteriosis high 7-9
Petrosit high 6-8
Trigonite high 9-12
Marseilles fever high 15-20
panaritium (skin/subcutaneous / subungual) high 8-10
Abscess(acute) high 9-12
thromboangiitis Obliterans high 24-32
optic Neuritis high 16-21
Cavern high 5-7
giant Cell arteritis high 6-7
Abscess, omphalitis high 3-4 + basic form
Panaritium (bone form) high 11-15
Retrorectal paraproctitis high 5-6 + basic form
Leptospirosis high 13-17
Alzheimer’s disease high 11-14
Cutaneous leishmaniasis high 11-14
Shankroid high 13-18
congenital rubella Syndrome high 12-15
Acute purulent pericoronitis high 9-12 + basic form
Pelviorectal paraproctitis high 7-9 + basic form
Rectovaginal fistula high 14-19
Periostitis acute purulent high 7-9
Chronic / recurrent form of NJC high 10-13
Lymphangitis (syndrome) high 4-5
colon Diverticulosis high 4-5
Yersiniosis (abdominal form) high 10-13
Yersiniosis (gastroenterocolitic form) high 15-20
Infectious mononucleosis high 19-25
Bronchiolitis acute high 10-13
Acute intoxication with beryllium high 13-18
Carbuncle high 15-19
Ischiorectal paraproctitis high 6-8 + basic.form
Epithelial coccygeal stroke high 7-9
acute Bronchitis high 8-11
liver Abscess high 11-14
moderate Hemorrhagic vasculitis high 4-5 + basic form
Alveococcosis high 8-10
Mixedema high 8-11+basic form
Adnexite average 6-8
Duodenite acute average 18-23
Rheumatoid arthritis, classical form average 14-19
submandibular salivary gland Sialolithiasis average 5-7
Submucosal abscess average 5-7+basic form
antitrypsin Deficiency a-1 average 12-16
Postcholecystectomy syndrome average 14-18
Influenza average 8-11
Acute meibomite average 7-9
Bartolinite average 7-9
Subcutaneous paraproctitis average 6-7+basic form
acute Opisthorchiasis average 12-16
Dacryoadenite average 10-13
Infectious erythema average 9-12
Reiter Syndrome average 14-19
Panaritium (tendon form) average 10-13
Infectious eczema average 21-27
Acute mastitis average 14-19
Acute tonsillitis average 25-33
Cytomegalovirus infection average 11-15
copper Deficiency average 10-13
Rheumatic polymyalgia average 11-14
Nonspecific aortoarteritis average 15-20
Acute hematogenous osteomyelitis average 13-17
Panaritium (articular form) average 8-10
Boils average 5-6
diphtheria conjunctivitis average 8-11+basic form
Adenoviral conjunctivitis average 4-5 + basic form
Gonococcal conjunctivitis (gnobleniya) average 5-7+basic form
Pneumococcal conjunctivitis average 4-5 + basic form
Herpetic conjunctivitis average 3-5 + basicform
Allergic conjunctivitis average 5-7+basic form
Acute bacterial conjunctivitis average 4-5 + basic form
Acute epidemic conjunctivitis Koch-weeks average 5-6 + basic form
Epidemic myalgia average 6-8
Adenovirus infection average 10-13
Obsevatory syndrome average 3-5
Acute orchitis average 12-16
Alveolitis after tooth extraction average 6-8
General adaptation syndrome average 4-5
Barley low 11-15
Acute nasopharyngitis low 7-9
Periarteritis nodular low 21-28
Behcet’s disease low 11-15
traveler’s Diarrhea low 7-10
Polymyositis low 10-13
functional Constipation (not associated with any disease) low 3-5

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