Body temperature of the newborn

Temperature reaction infants – one of the main ways of reply to the introduction of infection into the body. But even normal values of body temperature often cause issues for parents.

The reaction temperature depends on many factors: the degree of maturity of the nervous system, external conditions, heat production, heat transfer. It is important to know when the child ate, how active, what is the tone of the vessels. The leading body regulating the human body temperature is the hypothalamus. In a healthy adult is most often the body temperature is 36,4 – 36,9 degrees. During the day, the possibility of its oscillation within one degree. Morning body temperature are lower than in the evening. In the textbooks indicate that the rise of body temperature during the day to 37.5 in good health is normal. Many researchers believe that the difference in degrees in the morning and evening is even more important than its absolute value. Daily temperature fluctuations are fully formed at the child approximately 5 years.

What is the normal temperature in infants

In newborns in the first minutes of life the body temperature is about the same as the mother. Then it is reduced by 1.5-2 degrees, and only by the fifth hour of life reaches 36.5 degrees. To 5 days the body temperature of the newborn is set to about 37 degrees. In some children 3-5 day life is a sharp rise in temperature to 38-39 degrees – transient hyperthermia. In the first days of life the body temperature in babies, very dramatically. When the loss of body heat of the newborn and the overheating temperature may rapidly drop, and easy to climb. Therefore recommended to swaddle newborns warm and even under the lamp. Circadian rhythm of body temperature in newborns is lacking; it appears only for 2 months and much less pronounced than in adults – the difference is only 0.3 to 0.5 degrees per day.

In preterm infants, the dependence on external conditions is expressed even more. The smaller the period of carrying a child, the worse it works the immature hypothalamus. Therefore, the introduction of infection on the body of a premature baby may not respond, but if you change the outer environment rapidly and greatly changes the body temperature. When overheated, the child easily gives the temperature at 39 degrees, and when the disease it can be normal. Hence the special requirements for thermoresin when caring for premature children: the first time the temperature set in the range of 30-33 degrees. Daily fluctuations of body temperature in preterm infants are formed later than in full-term peers.

What is the normal temperature in infantsPediatricians recommend that in the first weeks of life as clothes to use diapers. They allow you to create around the child a kind of “cocoon” with its microclimate. Open the face and head of an infant (after a 10-day age cap is already not recommended to wear) enough for training in the processes of thermoregulation.

Fear of overheat or SuperCool of the child raises a lot of questions about what temperature to maintain in the room and how to dress your baby. Recommendations about a lot, and they sometimes differ significantly. Different authors recommend to maintain the room temperature from 18 to 22 and even 25 degrees. When it comes to full term the child, it is wise to focus on their own sensations. It is usually said that the number of layers of clothing on the chest the child must be adults, plus one layer. When the temperature of the air in the room is about 23 degrees but just 1-2 layers of clothing, at 18 degrees and below – 3.

If you walk with a child in the winter it is important to consider that outerwear was windproof. Usually with a baby walk when the air temperature is above -10 degrees Celsius. In that case you need 4-5 layers of clothing on the baby.

To measure the body temperature of the child is best when he is sleeping. Slight increases in temperature may be associated with motor activity of the baby, the emotional arousal or the digestion of food. When measuring temperature it is important to make sure that the thermometer was not closed by a blanket.

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