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Body temperature OVER 38°C

Term: Febrility

Urgency: requires attention

Found 33 disease symptom body Temperature OVER 38 degrees..

is Possible to Refine the symptom Body temperature OVER 38°C

Chills are replaced by heat and then sweating, and this is repeated
body Temperature increased
Rash, pimples, ulcers, other skin changes
Disorientation and confusion
Temperature fluctuates, day / evening much more than in the morning
ultra-high body Temperature (41 degrees or more)
Fever up to 39-40 degrees without coughing, runny nose, sore throat and rash for 3 days, the temperature is almost not reduced
body Temperature over 38 degrees lasts all day
body temperature Rise over 38 degrees every 1-3 days
body temperature in the morning is Higher than in the evening
a Sharp rise in body temperature by 2-4 degrees, and then its reduction to normal or below
a Sharp rise in temperature of more than 38 degrees a few days after the onset of the cold on the background of low or absent temperature

indication of symptom

body temperature Rise from 2 to 6 weeks

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Paralytic polio high 13-17
Epidemic pemphigus of newborns high 6-8
Epiglottitis high 8-11
Subarachnoid hemorrhage high 7-9
Respiratory syncytial infection before the age of 1 year high 7-9
acute Pneumonia high 10-14
Mumps high 12-16
Visceral leishmaniasis high 19-26
Meningococcemia high 4-5 + basic form
Infectious endocarditis high 13-17
Purulent meningitis high 6-8 + basic form
Acute rheumatic fever high 9-12
Acute infectious thyroiditis high 8-11
Infected abortion septic high 8-11
Exudative pericarditis high 8-11
Cyclic (malaria) fever (syndrome) high 3-5
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome high 10-13
Pseudotuberculosis high 13-17
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis high 6-7
Hemolytic uremic syndrome high 17-23
rheumatic heart disease (disorder) high 5-7
Pyelonephritis acute high 12-16
Dysentery high 10-13
mitral valve Insufficiency high 8-10
brucellosis acute high 15-20
Leptospirosis high 13-17
Infected abortion complicated high 6-8
Agranulocytosis (neutropenia) (syndrome) high 5-7
Malaria high 9-11
Infectious mononucleosis high 19-25
Bronchiolitis acute high 10-13
Influenza average 8-11
ovarian Cyst average 6-7

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