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Body temperature rises to 37-38 degrees periodically

Found 16 diseases with symptom body Temperature rises to 37-38 degrees periodically.

possible refinements

body Temperature increased, but not above 38 degrees
Temperature fluctuates, day / evening much more than in the morning

indication of symptom

body Temperature increased

symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Lymphogranulomatosis high 9-12
Tuberculosis of the pancreas high 13-18
Tuberculosis of the stomach and / or duodenum high 12-15
hepatitis b acute high 17-22
hepatitis b chronic high 12-16
Systemic lupus erythematosus high 9-12
disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis (chronic Form) high 7-9 + basic form
pulmonary tuberculosis cirrhotic high 16-21
Opisthorchiasis chronic high 12-15
focal pulmonary tuberculosis high 15-19
Tuberculosis intoxication high 7-9 + basic form
Rheumatoid arthritis, classical form average 14-19
Acute tonsillitis average 25-33
Rotavirus enteritis low 10-13
Vegetative disorder of thermoregulation (syndrome) low 4-5
Autonomic dysfunction (posindromno) low 4-5

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