Infectious diseases

Botkin’s disease (Hepatitis A)

Infectious disease or Hepatitis-A – a viral disease, accompanied by fever, intoxication, severe inflammation and liver damage.

Causes of Hepatitis A

Infection occurs through man – carrier of hepatitis A, thus a direct contact is not required. The virus is transmitted when failure to observe simple rules of hygiene (dirty hands after visiting the toilet), sharing of crockery and Cutlery during a meal, while the shared use of hygiene products, through infected water and food.

General symptoms of Hepatitis A

From infection until the first symptoms can take 15 to 50 days. The temperature rises, the person feels sluggish, after a while there is a sense of nausea and then vomiting. Sometimes there is a disorder of the intestine. From time to time a person feels pain in the liver. In some cases the symptoms are mild and can be mistaken for the infectious disease with another disease.

Symptoms of Hepatitis AAfter a few days the temperature normalized, but the weakness persists. Liver greatly increased in size, and the pain become permanent. The skin and whites of the eyes become yellowish. Depending on strength of immunity and individual characteristics of the organism from the first symptoms up to this point takes place from 3 to 8 days.

during this period, the disease manifests itself most strongly, there comes the so-called icteric period. The disease is so intense that the skin person per night fully yellow. After the onset of jaundice improves the patient’s condition. This period lasts 7-10 days and, finally, begins restoration process – reduced size of the liver, hepatitis And the patient returns to good health.

Diagnosis of Botkin’s disease

Precisely identify the virus of hepatitis A may special analysis of blood by polymerase chain reaction and biochemical analysis of blood.

Antibodies of class IgM appear in blood after the acute phase, therefore, can be identified through one or two weeks after infection, depending on the individual characteristics of the disease. The appearance of these antibodies means that the body has developed immunity that will last a lifetime.

Treatment of Botkin’s disease

Special treatment of the disease no. Patient create special conditions that require special medical diet; recommended water regime – 2-3 liters of fluid per day, juice and alkaline mineral water; vitamin. To maintain the strength and water-salt balance in the body, in severe disease, intravenous infusions of glucose solution (5% ) and the solution of ringer-Locke (day 250-300 ml).

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