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Broken neck

Broken neck quite compatible with life, don’t believe what you saw in the movies. True fracture of the neck of the effects can be very serious. Of course, like the others, this injury has occurred. In this article you will learn about them and see photos. Fracture of the neck requires professional treatment, which will be described below.

Broken neck

Almost all people watched movies genre action movies or horror. Very often, in order to quickly kill your opponent, people used the technique of coagulation of the neck, namely, a combination of suffocation and a broken neck. In movies people die from it instantly, but in real life it looks a little different. Some even saw the broken neck photo. But that’s not the point. From this we can understand only one thing – fracture of the neck is a very dangerous injury that can lead to a painful death or paralysis for life. In real life, this injury often occurs in car accidents, with serious fighting or falling on the neck. As a rule, fracture of the neck has a very unpleasant consequences, as evidenced by the above line. Unfortunately, prevention of this incident does not exist as such, so you have to just be careful. How to get a broken neck in a car crash, diving into water, sports injury and other types of injuries to the upper part of the spine.

The broken neck implies the violation of the integrity of the bone tissue of cervical vertebrae. Most common fracture of the fourth, fifth and sixth cervical vertebra. The most serious are fractures of the first and second cervical vertebra.

Broken neck: the symptoms

Broken neck - typeDamage to the first cervical vertebra
Between the occipital bone and first cervical vertebra are absent cartilage pads, so when exposed to the force of impact on the skull is broken first cervical vertebra, without depreciation. The situation is as follows: occipital bone cuts inside the ring above the spine, which often leads to fracture of the posterior and anterior arch of the Atlas (first cervical vertebra). This phenomenon is called bursting fracture that occurs when falling on the head. Main symptoms: severe pain in the neck, nape and crown. A special method of radiography (by mouth) allows you to determine the exact diagnosis. Often fracture of Atlanta, GA accompanied by damage to neighbouring vertebrae that significantly affects the General condition of the patient. PS. Maybe you have not a fracture, but just injury of the cervical spine.

Damage of the second cervical vertebra
This fracture often occurs during sudden flexion of the neck in any direction. There are three degrees of fracture of the second cervical vertebra:
1. First degree carries a gentle nature. The patient complains of slight pain PI try to turn my head, and marked discomfort in the neck. This state may get complications of repeated trauma (the offset increases).

2. The second degree can lead to loss of consciousness after the injury or prior to its occurrence. Depending on the degree of compression of the spinal cord the patient may appear neurological disorders. Mild cases cost impaired sensation in the neck, and severe situations can cause paresis and paralysis of the limbs (tetraparesis, hemiparesis). If the second cervical vertebra has shifted back – neurological symptoms will have a more gentle nature.

3. The third degree is often not compatible with the patient’s life.

Injuries to the lower cervical vertebrae
This injury often occurs when forced, sudden flexion in the cervical spine area. This leads to compression fractures of the vertebral bodies, it may happen, and compression fracture of the cervical spine. Fracture of neck symptoms in this case will have the following picture: the patient complains of neck pain, limitation of movement in the neck and turns the head. The neck muscles are in a state of stress. Diagnosis is carried out using x-ray, showing a wedge deformity of the vertebra. This fracture may also be accompanied by neurological symptoms, because the spinal cord is squeezed.

Fracture of the neck is often combined with torn ligaments and a violation of the innervation. As a result, you can observe swelling of the neck (hematoma), and skin discoloration at the injury site. Tendon rupture is manifested more pain and the inability to fully move my head.

Broken neck: treatment

If you suspect a fracture of the neck the treatment should start with first aid. The first thing you need to call an ambulance. The victim must be laid on a flat surface and under the neck to enclose cotton-gauze circle (jacket, briefcase, bag, towel, etc). It is also possible to immobilize the cervical spine using a semi-rigid collar. It is not recommended to perform any stretching and turning the neck to make the diagnosis. In other words – wait for the ambulance and the patient will have professional medical help and transported to the hospital.

Broken neck: treatTreatment will depend on the extent and location of damage. When the ligament injury the patient is prescribed to wear a neck collar for one month. Then it is recommended to undergo physical therapy and physiotherapy. When fractures without displacement and complicated fractures, on the neck impose a rigid collar or a corset of plaster for up to 4 months. If the patient has a severe fracture of the neck, which can lead to dangerous dislocation and further damage to the spinal cord, he was prescribed a traction using a loop of Glisson. This procedure is carried out for 30 days, followed by fixation of the neck with hard collar for 4 months.

In the most severe cases (damage to the spinal cord or compression), surgical treatment of. For this purpose, use plate, laminar contractors, transarticular fixators.

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