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The fracture of the hand (broken wrist)

Fracture of the hand is quite a frequent injury because of a fall on the hand accounts for brush. Fracture wrist symptoms has pronounced, and it means that you will be able to diagnose the injury, but it’s worth to do X-rays to be sure. Fracture wrist treatment by the medical professional, in no case do not self-medicate, it can cause terrible consequences.

Fracture of the hand

In life often you can meet with a broken arm, especially when it comes to brushes. The fact is that the hand consists of many small bones (the hand consists of 27 bones), which, although securely fixed by ligaments, but not so hard to break. This injury is a third broken bones, and is most commonly found in the form of a fracture of carpal bones – scaphoid and lunate. The most common cause is a direct blow on the fingers or brush, or a fall directly on her. In life, often breaking the fingers of hand, with little physical effects. As an example, the most banal case when the person falls forward (forward thrust) and reflex inserts his hands open palm up. In this case, there is a strong impact on brush, and if that man in old age, those crashes mostly result in a fracture.

DiagnosticsFracture of the hand>Fracture of the hand is accompanied by a characteristic pain in the broken bone. The patient complains of severe pain when trying to straighten, bend, deflect and cause the brush to themselves and to perform its rotary movement. The most reliable and inexpensive way to determine the diagnosis today remains x-ray picture. In our situation, often use a picture in three or more projections.

If it’s not too serious, maybe you just injury wrist or sprain brushes.

Fracture wrist symptoms

Fracture of the wrist has the symptoms of the following nature: swelling in the brush, its deformation (depending on the injury), pain in the area of damage, which increases significantly when driving. The patient cannot wiggle his fingers or thumb because of the appearance of pain syndrome. Also, there may be a bluish discoloration of the brush, as a result of internal bleeding in the soft tissue. The General condition is not particularly worse, but it all depends on the degree of injury.

Video: Treatment of broken wrist

First aid
It is Important to quickly and correctly to assist when there is any fracture of bones of hands. Proper treatment after a broken arm brushes should start with first aid. Remember, first aid is the best aid to the doctor in a future treatment! If it’s an open fracture, it is necessary to control the bleeding with a clean dressing. Typically, this injury carries the risk of major bleeding, so just make sure the wound is free from infection. It is best to dampen a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol and apply to the wound.

The next step will be applying ice to the injured area. This procedure will effectively reduce the edematous syndrome and blunts pain. The ice must be wrapped in a towel to avoid frostbite. If the brush is jewelry immediately remove them, since any action leads to edema. Where there is clear deformation of the brush (even if it is missing), be sure to lock the brush in one position, so the pain is not increased, and there were additional complications. To relieve pain, you can ingest a few pills of ibuprofen, or salts of acetaminophen. Fracture of wrist with displacement requires special care. Because the diagnosis is often difficult to assess visually – just be careful anyway, and not make any sudden movements.

Attention! This change can trauma COLLES fracture of the hand or broken wrist read the article about it to confirm your choice.

To wrist fracture did not happen, it is necessary to stretch before exercise and strengthen, like in the video below.

Fracture wrist treatment

In most cases, the fracture of the hand treatment without surgical intervention. To effectively fused bones, their fragments are often fixed with a special brace (as a rule, the bandage comes to the elbow). This ensures maximum fixation of the brush, which is very important for proper treatment. Approximately one week after the plaster cast do a re-x-ray photograph to ensure correct fixation of all bones and the absence of displacement. Usually the bandage is worn for a period of three to six weeks. Already three weeks after the injury, you must begin perform certain simple exercises so that your hand is gradually developed. There is such a phenomenon that after the bones brush some fingers are getting a little shorter, but this does not affect the functionality of the brush.

Fracture wrist treatmentIn some cases after fractures brush the patient is required to go through surgery to stabilize the bone. The fact that the brush is highly mobile, and any breach in its skeleton may substantially affect its function. In most cases, this applies to open fractures when fragments of bone are displaced at a considerable distance. The correction is carried out with the help of special brackets and bolts. After complete coalescence of the brush bolts and brackets are removed, but it is not always necessary.

Recovery of the hand after fracture

The most important part in the complex of treatment is the restoration of the hand after fracture. You need to perform certain exercises. For example: flexion and extension of the hand at the wrist, moving fingers apart, tying shoelaces, throwing a tennis ball against the wall. You can also take a matchbox and changing its faces to move in the hand, without the help of the second. To speed up the recovery process, it is recommended to undergo a course of massage and physiotherapy treatments to stagnant ligaments and blood vessels resumed trophic.

Need to prepare for that after the fracture may experience pain in the joints hands during the year. Also in bad weather brush can “twist” in the joints of the fingers. All consequences of the injuries that should pass with time.

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