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Bronchitis in children

Respiratory organs in children is not yet strong enough, therefore, any upper respiratory infection can cause inflammation of the bronchi ( bronchitis ) in children. Please be careful and if in your family someone smokes. Because inhalation baby to tobacco smoke from the air also contributes to the emergence of bronchitis in children.

Symptoms of bronchitis

If the kid had all the signs of a cold, and, in addition, his strong cough, the doctor often has diagnosed the child with acute bronchitis. Early in the disease cough, usually dry. After some time it becomes softer. And if the attacks are accompanied by a whistling breath, then most likely it is obstructive bronchitis.

The second option bronchitis is characterized by the fact that you are standing at a short distance from crumbs, hear him whistling exhales air. Bronchi in children narrow, and edema clearance in them becomes even thinner. Therefore, the air passes through with difficulty.

The Treatment of bronchitis in children

The Treatment of bronchitis in childrenRecurring bronchitis in a child insidious that are depleted, the walls of bronchi and increases the chance of the occurrence of asthma. Therefore, it is important to begin treatment of any cough immediately and not stop until he is not fully take place.

The first thing to do when bronchitis in a child – to relieve bronchial spasm. For this, the doctor will prescribe antispasmodics or decongestants funds. Maybe he will recommend to soar baby legs or put mustard on the calf muscle.

Special massage will help to clear the bronchi child from accumulated mucus. Wet cough helps compress. But remember that when the sibilant breath ( as well as at high temperature ) to do baby massage and compresses to the chest cannot.

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