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Brucellosis arthritis

Brucellosis arthritis – this defeat of one or more joints as a result of brucellosis. The disease causes severe intermittent pain in the joints, particularly in the lower extremities. Symptoms usually appear 1-2 weeks after infection by the microorganisms of the genus Brucella.

Source of infection are cattle, sheep, goats, pigs. Get infected by brucellosis through direct contact with faeces and urine of infected animals or ingestion of raw milk, curd or cheese. Risk of Contracting brucellosis from livestock farms workers – veterinarians, milkers, and attendants.

When Brucella arthritis, the joints swell, the mobility in them is limited, but the color of the skin over them is normal. The joint involvement in brucellosis most often occurs in the elderly. The reason for the violation of the mobility and deformation – it’s a growth of bone tissue.

in addition, when the disease affects the spine, usually in the lumbar spine. But arthritis can also spread to the thoracic and cervical spine. Patients suffer from severe back pain, which gives his feet. When you press the affected vertebrae painful. The back muscles are strained.

Brucellosis Diagnosis of arthritis is based on characteristic clinical signs and evidence pointing to the possibility of Brucella infection – contact with animals, consumption of unpasteurized dairy products. There are also laboratory tests that confirm brucellosis. To assess the status of the joint use of x-ray examination.

Brucellosis arthritis Treatment includes, first of all, antibiotic therapy aimed at the destruction of the pathogen of the disease – Brucella. In addition, to improve the condition of joints used therapeutic exercises and physiotherapy, which also apply to other, more common types of arthritis-osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. Prevention of brucellosis is the consumption of only pasteurized milk, cutting the carcasses in gloves, adequate cooking of meat.

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