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Bruises on the body

Every person, especially in childhood, when dropped or hit, you may receive a bruise. This is quite normal, because bruising happens when damage to the capillaries of the skin. Why do I get bruises for no reason? If this is a manifestation of a disease in the body? To understand this question, you should at least make an appointment to see a hematologist and get a blood test.

Causes of bruising on the body

Sometimes a person suddenly finds bruises on the body. This happens mostly in old age, but sometimes the bruises appear on body without any reason, and young people.

This can be a symptom of varicose veins, hemorrhagic vasculitis, disorders of blood circulation, lack of platelets, fragility of vessels, a significant reduction of blood clotting.

Hemorrhagic vasculitis

At any age bruises are not so harmless phenomenon, as some young people who are accustomed to fisticuffs. But in such cases it is clear that the cause of the bruise – a blow or injury. The appearance of bruises for no apparent reason may indicate serious disorders in the human body. For example, in hemorrhagic vasculitis observed high fragility of blood vessels. In this disease the body’s immune cells perceive the blood vessels as something alien, as a result, the immune system produces antibodies, destructively affecting the blood vessels and make them thin, brittle, fragile. Hemorrhage from vessels leads to release blood into the subcutaneous tissue and the appearance of bruises on the body. Most often, these phenomena are observed with lesions of the membranes of vital organs – lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, brain. In such cases, bruises appear on the back, abdomen, legs, arms.

Varicose veins

Bruises on the legs may indicate common disease is varicose veins. To varicose veins should always be taken seriously, therefore for getting rid of stagnant processes is necessary to increase the load on limbs and to move more. The state of the vessels it’s best to check regularly.

Swelling and bruising on the body with lack of vitamins

Vitamin C

Sometimes the fragility of blood vessels causes deficiency vitamin C ascorbic acid. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish its reserves, to include in your diet onions, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pineapples, rose hips, gooseberries, strawberries, and the doctor may prescribe a course of special medicines which help enrich the body with vitamin C.

Vitamin P

Quite often, bruises are caused by deficiency of vitamin P. Simultaneous lack of vitamins C and P leads to the deficiency of calcium in the blood. A rich source of vitamin P – brewed green tea. When there is a deficiency of both vitamins will be filled, strengthened blood vessels, stabilize blood pressure, decrease capillary permeability, and the inclusion in the diet of buckwheat, plums, cherries and red pepper will give the possibility in the near future and even forget about the problem.

Oncology and bruises on the body

In some cases, bruises appear on body without any reason after the recent infectious diseases. The exact cause of the formation of hematomas on the body will identify a qualified doctor after a thorough examination; the treatment of this disease are strictly individual. And again, you should never ignore this, at first glance, causeless phenomenon, as it may indicate the presence of cancer.

Bruising and swelling after the medication

Sometimes the bruises appear with long-term use of antidepressants, analgesics, Antiasthmatic or anti-inflammatory drugs. To protect yourself from the appearance of bruises on the abdomen, arms, legs and other parts of the body, you should avoid excessive exercise and severe hypothermia.

Causeless, at first sight, the bruises can occur on the skin in people taking blood-thinning medicines, for example, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid).

When a person is actively engaged in the sport, not even injuring the body, under the skin can still occur microfractures, and with them the bruises. These bruises do not cause pain. To speed up the process of healing, it is necessary for the damaged area to put a warm compress, which will increase blood circulation and extend the vessels.

If the body suffers from deficiency of vitamin C, can also manifest on the skin of the wanton bruising. Therefore, should regularly consume vitamin C. But the advice of the haematologist if it is not canceled!

The regular appearance of bruises on the skin may indicate poor blood clotting or breach its circulation and varicose veins, increased fragility of vessels, etc.

Bluish spots often appear on the skin of a person with AIDS. Unfortunately, in this case they do not disappear.

The greater fragility of blood vessels happens in hemorrhagic vasculitis, because the body’s immune cells recognize them as foreign, producing destructive antibodies.

The bruises also appear when the affected vital organs, for example, kidneys, brain, lungs, heart, liver. The area of occurrence of bruises on the body can be any.

Dark circles under the eyes in a young child often occur when the kid’s body undergoes severe physical stress resulting in high level of fatigue. In this case, the child will help the adjustment mode of the day, proper rest, fresh air.

Iron-deficiency anemia is a difficult disease of the circulatory system, one of the characteristics noted dark circles under the eyes. How to treat anemia, can know only a hematologist, but before treatment it must refer the patient for tests.

Bruises treatment

Bruises treatmentIf the causes of bruises on the body were not bruises or falls, then the advice of the haematologist and a diagnosis of the organism is inevitable. Otherwise there are several ways to prevent and treat bruises.

  • If you hurt yourself, apply to the injured place a cold compress: ice, soaked in cold water towel, iron object, or even something lying in the freezer (fish, meat, ice cream). Under the influence of low temperatures the blood vessels constrict so the blood spreads under the skin, a bruise, accordingly, do not constitute. If the bruise appeared, don’t panic, since an absolute guarantee of the absence of a bruise in this case does not happen.
  • Drink a vitamin P, and the skin in the area of injury apply the cream, which also includes this vitamin. These funds can easily be purchased at the pharmacy. Besides, they are always needed in every house because of bruising on the skin are not insured by any one person. Well help also ointments and creams containing extracts of horse chestnut, hirudin (leech saliva) and heparin. To apply them on the skin should be three times a day, especially if the bruise is already visible, – these products will help to eliminate much sooner.
  • To prevent the occurrence of bruises on the body can compress from inflorescences of calendula or cabbage leaf. Patarkite plants to release the juice and apply to the damaged area, the top cover natural medicine cellophane and fix it with adhesive plaster. The compress should stay on the body for about 2-3 hours. It is likely that a bruise will appear on the skin.
  • If the place of injury is the bruise still formed, try to attach to it a heating pad. Over time, the color saturation of the hematoma will start to claim Instead of hot pads you can use a yellow card or a pepper patch, but only after days after the injury.
  • Purchase in pharmacy kiosk powder concoctions. Connect it with water, bringing to the consistency of sour cream, and the resulting mass apply to the bruise for 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure several times during the day, but do not overdo it, otherwise you may receive skin irritation. Also avoid entanglement with the mucous membranes. On average, the bruise disappears in a week, but if you try to get rid of it, then after 2-3 days can get the desired result.

Care in a timely manner about the status of vessels and the health of the organism as a whole. This will help you to fully enjoy life, not wasting it in vain.

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