Buckwheat Diet

Buckwheat Diet is one of the simplest of diets, the menu includes buckwheat. At the time of the buckwheat diet does not apply to short-term diet – its duration is 14 days, but is most effective – slimming 12 or more pounds is quite possible. Weight loss will depend on weight, what it is, the faster will be the weight loss.

Buckwheat, cooked according to the menu buckwheat diet has a caloric content of from 70 to 169 Calories. In this sense, buckwheat only creates a feeling of satiety. So no restriction on quantity eaten per day buckwheat no.

In buckwheat porridge has a high content of calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron, and high content of vegetable protein 5,93% and the B vitamins reduce the potential damage from diet body. You will not feel any significant discomfort with a diet, but every day the health will only improve, a feeling of lightness. This makes it possible to almost completely abandon the pure protein (meat, fish) ingredients for the buckwheat diet.

A requirement of buckwheat diet is a complete ban on any seasonings, spices, sauces, sugar and even salt.

The second requirement restrict food 4 hours before bedtime – this is an important requirement for a successfulthe weight loss on the buckwheat diet.

Cooking porridge to buckwheat diet

Buckwheat prepare for the next day: 0.5 kg of buckwheat, pour 1.5 liters of boiling water and wrapped the bowl with the buckwheat until the morning in a blanket – you can’t cook grits. So much buckwheat you abundantly enough for the first day, further preparing the feelings (at the end of the diet and 100 grams of buckwheat will be enough). The next morning the cereal will be similar to the usual buckwheat porridge – and her need to eat for 14 days if water is not fully absorbed, drain the excess and next time pour a little less than boiling water.

Menu buckwheat diet

Menu buckwheat dietThe most popular option menu: in addition to buckwheat (you can eat as much as you want) in a 1 liter (not more or less) 1% of yogurt a day – yogurt is allowed, and along with buckwheat, and separately. With a strong sense of bedtime hunger can drink a glass of kefir. Quick result you will breathe in desire to continue the diet for possible failures. It is also possible to drink without restrictions plain water (not mineralized and carbonated) or green tea – acute sense of hunger, such as natural juices.

Buckwheat diet with dried fruit

Due to the lack of sugar on buckwheat diet may cause feelings of weakness, fatigue, tiredness. Also at the end of buckwheat diet and kefir order bored. You can add in buckwheat dried fruits – apples, prunes, raisins, dried apricots in a small amount (no more than 5-6 things of dried fruit, e.g. prunes). This menu option is added to cereal instead of dried fruit one teaspoon of honey.

Meals on buckwheat diet

Needless to say, that if after the diet to pounce on cakes and pastries, 8-10 reset during buckwheat diet pounds can return within two months (and even with a tail) is a diet will need to be revised. Two weeks on buckwheat diet for a sufficient period of time to have more than you need you not want appetite will decrease significantly. Because when the output of buckwheat diet, the most important rule: do not overeat. But if it does, then spend the day fasting on buckwheat diet on the first or the second option menu. Minor limitation for sweet does not hurt. Don’t forget 1-2 extra glasses of water or tea. And then the lost pounds will not return, but the weight loss will continue.

Results of buckwheat diet

In each case, results buckwheat diet individual – but the higher the weight, the higher will be the effectiveness of the diet. If the diet doesn’t suit you, then weight loss will be minor, up to 3-4 kg. But the weight loss will be 4-6 kg in most cases, even when violations menu. Record values from 125 kg to 66 kg in two months. At high excess weight and 15 kg will be gone for two weeks.

Results of buckwheat dietIn volumes on average, the reduction occurs 2 sizes (more than 4 cm in girths). The volume goes almost uniformly, ie to say that just buckwheat diet for weight loss in the hips would be wrong – will decrease and hip girth, and girth at the waist, and girth of chest.

Many people are interested in buckwheat diet – whether skin SAG after diet the loss weight over 10-12 kg? No, the skin will not hang down, but rather tightens up.

Buckwheat diet – contraindications

Contraindications there are the just! Before buckwheat diet you should consult a physician (first physician).

Buckwheat diet is contraindicated (or is performed under the supervision of a physician):
1. during pregnancy
2. during the period of breastfeeding
3. in all forms of diabetes
4. hypertension
5. at high physical activity
6. in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
7. with profound depression
8. when kidney or heart failure
9. if you have had surgical operations on the abdominal organs

Advantages of buckwheat diet

1. There are no restrictions on eaten buckwheat cereal (you can eat as much as you want).

2. Weight loss on the buckwheat diet is not accompanied by typical of other effective diets overall tiredness, dizziness, weakness, and lethargy.

3. The second advantage is due to the high speed weight loss – everyday more and more, you will get a feeling of lightness.

4. The third advantage – high efficiency – weight loss is an average of more than 7 kg (in some cases only for the first week weight loss was over 10 kg).

5. In buckwheat porridge is high in fiber, which guarantees a fair bowel cleansing and liver.

6. Weight loss will be accompanied by a reduction of cellulite.

7. Compliance with buckwheat diet will be accompanied by improving the appearance of skin and nails (because of the vitamin B group, vegetable protein buckwheat and normalization of metabolism) – the skin is cleansed by itself.

Disadvantages of buckwheat diet

1. Buckwheat diet is not for everyone, because occasionally possible weakness, headaches and fatigue. Spend one day of fasting on buckwheat diet and understand whether it will suit you.

2. The second drawback is due to the rigidity of buckwheat diet on limitations (only buckwheat and kefir).

3. The duration of this diet is not quick, but highly effective – to the new diet the body gets used quickly and the time to start gaining weight (if he starts) is significantly increased.

4. If after the diet weight is far from the norm, a repetition is only possible through the month.

5. May reduce blood pressure.

6. During the diet, can worsen chronic diseases.

7. Although buckwheat contains a lot of easily digestible protein, but it is of plant origin (does not completely replace meat and fish). Therefore, do not increase more than 14 days duration of the diet.

8. During the diet, trace elements and vitamins in the body is not getting enough – but this disadvantage is easily compensated by additional methods of comprehensive multivitamin preparations.

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