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Buy and Sell Breast Milk

Breast milk is very beneficial for the health and development of the body of a newborn baby. But not all mothers have breast milk in sufficient quantity for feeding your child. Also it is not always possible feeding the child their breast milk if the mother has an infectious disease. In this case, newborn can be fed:

  • nutritional (food mixture) for infants;
  • donor breast milk.

Buy breast milk online is not a problem, but when buying breast milk online need to be careful, because it affects the health of a newborn baby.

1. Buying breast milk is dangerous

Buying donated milk is unsafe. The price of donated breast milk is large enough, and this method of earning money may seem attractive to women from disadvantaged strata of society, who can sell breast milk even at the expense of their own child. The history already knows similar examples in the middle ages, when nurses were employed in wealthy homes, and their own babies are fed on leftovers, and often died from hunger.

It is in these strata of society the most common female alcoholism and Smoking, these substances also penetrate into breast milk, and if it is passed as a donor to another child, poisoning the child’s body with the recipient.

In addition, disadvantaged segments of the population are one of the risk groups for HIV and hepatitis, thus, it is quite probable viruses HIV and hepatitis in donated breast milk.

2. Fake instead of breast milk

Since donor breast milk is much more expensive than artificial formula or other milk animals, unscrupulous sellers of breast milk can go on falsification and under the guise of donor breast milk to sell diluted infant formula, cow or goat milk, or just to dilute the breast milk with water to increase its volume. The high price of any product on the market gives rise to a wave of imitations.

3. Selling breast milk do most often mothers from low-income families.

Of course, in order to ensure that breastfeeding women need quite a few additional calories, but it has a full and enough to eat. If a nursing mother is forced to make the sale of breast milk, then most likely she does it not from good life, and probably is not possible and eat a healthy diet. Even if extra pay not only for the very breast milk, but also to allocate means for feeding the donor is likely these funds will go to food her family and not the woman herself.

4. Negative energy

If breast milk is sold and measure the price of this breast milk in dollars, such milk may carry a negative energy charge.

Many people believe that liquid is able to store and transmit information. Donor breast milk is no exception. On the contrary, as it is a “living substance”, and to absorb and transmit the energy sector should to a much greater extent than any other liquid. If you share this belief, then think about what energy will be fed the breast milk of women, if it is during pumping will think of milk as a source of earnings and future cash income.

From our point of view, breast milk has no price because it is priceless. So for us the question “how much breast milk?” – the most ridiculous question in the world. How much is love? Yes, there are special places where people buy and sell “love”, as there are entire forums on the Internet where you can buy or sell breast milk, but both seems to us to be phenomena of the same order.

“Milk mother” does not cooperate with mothers who sell their milk, but, unfortunately, we have no technical possibility to check all contacts in our database. If we get the message that someone from the host families offered to buy breast milk, such donors, we immediately deleted from the database.

We deny, of course, nothing anyone can do. So, whether to buy, whether to sell breast milk, or abandon the commodity-monetary transactions in relation to donor milk – this decision is left entirely to the conscience of parents. But we know in practice that really bring up the child by donor milk is completely based on free voluntary services. Mother-donors participating in the volunteer movement “Milk mother,” willing to share milk completely disinterested.

Free Breast Milk

  • There is an opportunity to discuss all issues personally, to meet, to visit each other in the house and make their own conclusions about the lifestyle of each other’s families, negotiate all the details of the use of donor breast milk.
  • As practice shows, voluntary selfless donor breast milk are the most responsible nursing mothers who lead a healthy lifestyle, look after their health and fully powered. Using donor milk the baby receives all the nutrients of breast milk, as sweet little mother-donor.
  • Pumping breast milk – this is a great work. Moms donor specifically get up at night to pump breast milk. Until donor milk is given for free, there is no point to deceive a host family, it requires too much time and physical actions (even if we leave aside ethical principles). No material benefits, and in General, easier of milk to give, so the arrival of the donation in women from disadvantaged sections of society is very unlikely.
  • Along with milk milk mother’s milk give the baby your love in the literal sense of the word, as for ease of separating the milk from the breast meets the love hormone – oxytocin, and it is impossible or at least very difficult to be a regular donor breast milk not treated with warmth of heart to the child who help.

Sell Excess Breast Milk for Cash on Internet

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