Cabbage diet soup

Cabbage soup diet for losing weight is by far one of the most popular systems to help you lose weight. Such a diet can be based on dishes from cabbage in unlimited quantities or on a special cabbage soup. In any case — this diet is a low calorie, and a significant result when compliance can be expected through the week.

Cabbage diet for weight loss number 1

Secret of cabbage diet for weight loss is that it is easy to carry — have the cabbage at any time of day and in any quantity. As you know, Kale is a very hearty product, and at a certain culinary talent you can cook a variety of dishes: stews, soup, vegetable cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, salads and more. etc. by Itself, cabbage is a very valuable and useful product: it inhibits the formation of tumors, helpful in diabetes mellitus, when the liver and kidneys. For those who have picked their diet to lose weight, there is also the good news is that cabbage has a low caloric content, but nourishes and contains a lot of fiber and vitamins. In the diet you can use any kind of cabbage — white, Brussels, Beijing, cauliflower and broccoli, and combination thereof.

Cabbage dietMenu cabbage diet for weight loss number 1 consists of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. For Breakfast you should drink green tea or coffee (without sugar). For lunch — to prepare cabbage salad with carrots, seasoned with 1 tablespoon. extra virgin olive oil. To the cabbage you can add up to 200g of boiled or steamed meat, chicken or fish. For dinner eat a salad of fresh or pickled cabbage. It is also permissible to add 1 ½ chicken or quail boiled eggs and fruits (except bananas and grapes). Two hours before bedtime drink 1 Cup of fat-free yogurt. This diet can be followed for 7-10 days, you will be able to lose up to 10 pounds overweight.

Cabbage diet for weight loss number 2

Another very popular cabbage slimming diet based on cabbage soup. Such a diet brings great results, but stick to it can be tricky for those who are used to the variety of the menu. However, apart from in soup diet menu consists of fruits, boiled meat, so it may well be for you. Cabbage soup can be eaten in any quantity.

Cabbage soup for weight loss diet includes the following ingredients: cabbage — 500 g, carrots — 5 PCs, onions — 5 PCs., Bulgarian pepper — 2 PCs., tomatoes — 2 PCs., celery — 4 pieces, brown rice — 100g, salt.

Menu cabbage diet for weight loss №2:

  • day 1: soup, any fruit except bananas and grapes;
  • day 2: soup;
  • 3rd day: soup and any vegetables (except potatoes) in the form of salad, or steamed;
  • 4-th day: soup, 2 cups 1% milk;
  • 5-th day: soup, 500g boiled or steamed meat, chicken or fish, tomatoes;
  • 6th day: soup, vegetables (except potatoes), 200g meat, chicken or fish;
  • 7-th day: soup, vegetables, natural fruit juice without sugar.

Using any of the cabbage diet, and also with salad brush for weight loss you will be able to achieve good results. But we should not abuse diets, to repeat them too often or observe them more than the recommended time — it may have a negative impact on your health.

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