Caesarean section – advantages and disadvantages

Today cesarean section occupies the first place among holding obstetric operations. With caesarean section faces a large number of women. If before this method was applied only in extreme cases and only for the specialist’s recommendations, the modern women voluntarily consent to this operation. This is due to the fact that mothers do not want to experience pain during natural childbirth. Many overcomes the desire to lie down on the operating table pregnant, and awake already gave birth to a child. But everything has its pros and cons. We will talk today. There are times when the birth of a baby in a natural way possible, or is a high risk to the health or life of the mother or baby.

Factors when conducting caesarean section inevitable:

Not the correct location of the placenta. When the placenta is not properly attached to the walls of the uterus, when it covers the child’s way.
Narrow pelvis of the woman.
If women in the field of cancer have tumors.
If the pregnancy was caused by artificial insemination.
If the fetus is transverse.
Situations in which there is a high risk to the child or fetus. This may be HIV infection, high blood pressure, diabetes, acute herpes in the genital area.

In all of these cases assigned to elective surgery. If in the process of childbirth there are any problems, for example, offers heavy bleeding, labor activity is absent, it is premature to exfoliate the placenta, oxygen starvation of the fetus, cord prolapse, in such cases, resorting to surgery.

If the health status of mothers allows you to birth your baby naturally, it is much better for mother and baby. Because, in spite of its popularity, a caesarean section is major surgery. The abdominal wall of the uterus are cut, the baby and placenta are retrieved, the location of the incision stitched up.

Risk factors for a child for caesarean section:

The child receives a small dose of anesthesia.
He may have problems with the respiratory system. This can be the development of asthma, acute lung failure and shortness of breath. After 39 weeks of pregnancy the risk of such complications is slightly reduced, so the caesarean section should be carried out not earlier.
There is a risk to give birth earlier, incorrect calculation of the date of delivery and the baby can be born premature.
With the child the mother can communicate only on the second or third day. To breastfeeding mothers will be able only five days after surgery. It depends on what the woman prick antibiotics. Experts believe that if natural childbirth the baby passes through the birth canal, it hardens to life. Babies born by cesarean section, delivered, so they are born a little weaker. For the mother there is a risk, she should get a heavy post-operative period, and anesthesia negative image is displayed on the condition of the body.
The origin of various complications. Due to the use of General anesthesia can cause inflammation of the lungs, inflammation of the uterus, bladder, kidneys, joints, large blood loss, damage to the intestines.

To decide on the operation of caesarean section have an experienced doctor who in the first place will be the health of the mother and unborn baby.

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