Calculate the day of ovulation

Perhaps all this may be quite hard to believe, but doctors say that it is a fact. And they say that in a whole month there is only one day, which completely healthy woman of childbearing age can successfully get pregnant. And in some exceptional cases, such a day may come twice directly during a single menstrual cycle. However, in the vast majority of all cases, this is the “Hour-X” favorable for the full conception only lasts only one day, and called these days, as you probably already guessed ovulation.

On the day of occurrence of the full ovulation, to calculate which we actually now you and teach, is planned out already quite Mature eggs straight from your house or follicle, which at the same time is broken. And during the day this is the most Mature and released from the follicle, the egg will be waiting its fertilization, and unfortunately if you are simply unclaimed, it will eventually die, so conceived this process mother nature. The horror, however, only 24 hours for a whole month, and that all of this is in the best best. Sometimes it happens sometimes that a full ovulation does not occur. It should be noted that when quite a regular menstrual cycle and when the absolute health of the woman on average, young women, never experiencing any gynecological or reproductive problems, is only ten of these ovulations per year, we can say that this is not Your period.

We will try to warn those young and not very experienced girls, who immediately decided to calculate your day full of ovulation with only one purpose protection, is not so simple. Remember, pregnancy is very probable and possible, if just for a few days before the full ovulation you had not properly protected or even unprotected intercourse. This might happen because the male sperm, in contrast to the female egg, always more durable, and they can maintain their ability to complete fertilization even for several days, or up to one week.

In the same case, if you reversed want to calculate the most favorable for conception and subsequent long-awaited pregnancy day, then you certainly certainly should know how to calculate the day of the your complete ovulation.

How to calculate your own ovulation?
Symptoms and signs of ovulationToday there is a quite simple but effective formula that allows you to calculate the day of the full ovulation. And to do this, it is possible even at home without any additional devices. Although, by the way, there are to date and ready specially created calculators calculate the onset of full-fledged ovulation online that, of course, to really simplify this task, but in fact, and in such manual calculations there is absolutely nothing difficult or not available.

How to calculate volatility, scientists have long been established that the onset of full-fledged ovulation in any woman of reproductive age with virtually any length of her menstrual cycle should occur exactly fourteen days before the first day of her next period. It should be noted that it can change the duration of the first phase of the menstrual cycle, but the period after the onset of full-fledged ovulation is quite constant. And if, for example, menstruation specifically you’re going through quite regularly, as they say in the number, then, of course, to calculate your day full of ovulation will be just easy.

Namely: Your day full of ovulation will be equal to the date of the subsequent month, from which you will need to subtract exactly fourteen days.

Give you quite a classic example: suppose you are a regular and even accepted as normal 28-day menstrual cycle offensive full ovulation usually occurs exactly on the fourteenth day of this cycle. And if, for example, this month Your period have begun on the third day, it is actually moreover a full 28-day menstrual cycle you will need to wait for the onset of full-fledged ovulation exactly seventeenth, namely exactly fourteen days before your next period. In the case specifically if your cycle is longer or shorter than the accepted norm, then directly to the first day of your last monthly you will need to add length for your particular cycle (for example, 26 or 30 days). So here’s a simple way you will get your anticipated date of subsequent menstruation, actually from you again will need to subtract exactly fourteen days, and you will get the exact date of the onset of full-fledged ovulation in this particular menstrual cycle.

And actually, it is on this principle and was once built the so-called calendar method of female contraception.

This computation is reaching full ovulation truly is quite simple, but yet he has one but quite weighty BUT. This method can be applied only to those women who have observed strictly regular menstrual cycle. Moreover, in mind, of course, you should take full schedule, well, at least for the past four or even six menstrual cycles, which means the same number of months.

Alternatively, if you carefully trying to conceive and it is with this simple in order to find how to calculate the day of the full ovulation, then you will be incredibly useful and our next tip. Namely: when not enough regular menstrual cycle for example, the duration from twenty-six to thirty days your chances of a full-fledged successfully conceiving a baby significantly increase if spending your sexual acts regularly through the day and directly between the tenth and eighteenth days of the menstrual cycle. It is the time of suspected ovulation

Calculator ovulation can be wrong
Duration of the menstrual cycleAs you know couples who are actively planning their pregnancy, the timing of the onset of a full-fledged ovulation is really vital. However, this method, unfortunately cannot be considered too high-precision. The thing is that the ovulation process is very labile. And, of course, under the effect of a number of unauthorized external or internal factors, and even with fairly regular menstrual cycle to the onset of full-fledged ovulation can dramatically shifted in one direction or another. And to this, in particular, it can cause a lot of stress, severe fatigue, and even frequent colds, as well as some hormonal failures. And even more than that, in extremely rare cases, but all the same the offensive full ovulation can occur even twice in one month cycle, what in particular should remember that women want to protect themselves, thus from unwanted pregnancy.

And, of course, it is not excluded that in a particular menstrual cycle offensive full of ovulation will not occur. Actually that is why modern experts strongly recommend the use of possible methods for determining the date of full of ovulation namely in the complex. And especially in such a complex will be important to focus on their own feelings, as well as essential to schedule the measurement of basal body temperatures, and, of course, to use a special test to determine the occurrence of ovulation. And the most correct and accurate, of course, a timely ultrasound, which will definitely be able to determine the time of occurrence of a full ovulation in the most authentic way.

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