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Can Virgins Use Tampons?

Yes, virgins can use tampons after the onset of menstruation. The beginning of the menstrual cycle is an important event in a girl’s life, the first stage of growing up and initiation into the female mysteries. Concerns about whether to use tampons virgins, mainly concern the possibility to lose their virginity with a tampon. They are groundless because the hymen in virgins is located in the lower front part of the vaginal opening and at 90% of girls have a physiological extension with a diameter of 15-20 mm, the maximum thickness of the pad does not exceed 15 mm. In addition, before the onset of menstruation due to hormonal changes hymen of virgins becomes soft and elastic. Due to this, the tampons do not carry the risk of deprivation of virginity.

Can a tampon virginity to lose?

The question is, can a tampon break the hymen, the answer is no. Even girls can use tampons, subject to the instructions. If you don’t know how the virgin to enter a tampon, you should carefully study the manual that comes with every package of tampons. It specifies how they must be correctly inserted. In addition, it is important to observe General guidelines – every 4-8 hours to change a tampon. That means you can safely use tampons small size and not be afraid to lose their virginity. Remember the myth that tampons deprive of virginity is just a myth! If you have questions or concerns about whether to use tampons girls talk to your doctor.

At what age a girl can use tampons?

Many women are interested in the question of what age can I start using tampons? Expert opinion is that tampons are allowed to use from the first day of the first menstruation, which usually starts at the age of 11-13 years

Are There tampons for virgins?

For the first use of tampons to girls is better to choose tampons small size (markirovka “Mini” on the package), usually these tampons have a smooth and delicate coating and its small size of Mini-Tampons provide easy insertion, even for virgins.

Can a tampon get in the way when driving, or can fall out?

Discomfort introduced pad can indeed take place but only if it was not entered correctly. Discomfort in the vagina can also occur if you incorrectly matched the diameter of the tampon. Therefore, if you plan to use tampons, it is advisable to first consult with a gynecologist. The doctor will tell you not only what kind of tampons is better to use, but explain in detail the procedure for the introduction and extraction. In addition to using tampons, there are some contraindications.

Fear that a tampon can inadvertently fall out of the vagina is not necessary. Insertion of the tampon sufficiently tightly to vaginal walls. And as it absorb the menstrual discharge, it’s swelling and to budge can not.

How to right a virgin to use tampons?

Before to extract the tampon, wash your hands with soap and water. Try not to worry and to relax the muscles of the perineum. The vagina is at a slight angle towards the lumbar region. In this regard, the tampon should be introduced in the same direction. Very convenient to enter a tampon, sitting on the bidet or the toilet, slightly bent upper body forward and legs wide apart. If you have the first you don’t succeed enter a tampon correctly don’t worry. Very quickly you learn to do it without the slightest effort.

To extract the tampon, carefully pulling the exhaust cord. But if it broke then don’t panic. Wash hands thoroughly, lie down on the bed, spread her legs apart and gently remove the tampon from the vagina with your fingers. Such situations occur rarely, mostly in cases when a teenage girl starts to pull on the cord with great force, or makes a leap for him.

What is better for virgin: tampons or pads?

Gynecologists do not advise women, and especially teenage girls to constantly use tampons. This is due to the fact that when used there is a risk of toxic-infectious shock. So use hygienic tampons in those cases where it is necessary, for example, on the beach, swimming in the sea or pool, and at other times give the preference to the pads.

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