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Cardiovascular Collapse

Cardiovascular Collapse is one form of cardiovascular disease, which is characterized by a sharp drop in vascular tone, the rapid decrease in the mass of circulating blood, decrease blood flow to the heart, reduce arterial and venous pressure, the depression of the vital functions of the organism.

Causes of Cardiovascular Collapse:

  • acute infection
  • blood loss
  • intoxication
  • spinal and epidural anesthesia
  • overdose of some medicines
  • as a result of the breaches regulation of vascular tone
  • as a consequence of injury to blood vessels
  • with a sharp dehydration
  • in patients with lesions of the myocardium
  • trauma

Causes and symptoms of Cardiovascular CollapseCardiovascular Collapse may be a complication of acute disorders of myocardial contractile function, United by the concept of “syndrome of small cardiac output”, which occurs in the acute period of myocardial infarction, with pronounced tachycardia, profound bradycardia, dysfunction of the sinus node.

The clinical picture of Cardiovascular Collapse and cardiac shock are very similar and the differences between them is only that, with the collapse of primary violations by the cardiovascular system, with the same shock initially develop and dominate violations of the functions of the nervous system.

Symptoms of Cardiovascular Collapse:

  • pallor
  • sticky sweat
  • feeling of “poholodeli” limbs
  • fixed the patient, being conscious
  • fast and shallow breathing
  • weak and rapid pulse
  • decrease in body temperature
  • low pressure

Cardiovascular Collapse requires urgent medical treatment is the use of excitatory vascular and respiratory centres, vasopressors, and transfusions of blood and blood substitutes and measures aimed at eliminating the root cause of the collapse.

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