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Causes of Hemorrhoids

The reason of development of hemorrhoids are two main factors: vascular and mechanical.

First factor of hemorrhoids – vascular. The basis of vascular dysfunction factor lies between the blood flow through the arteries to the cavernous calves, which are the basis hemorrhoid, and outflow cavernous veins, which leads to an increase in the size of the cavernous bodies, is a substrate for the development of hemorrhoids. These changes often occur under the influence of adverse factors such as sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, constipation, pregnancy, alcohol abuse.

Second factor of hemorrhoids – mechanical. Under the action of unfavorable factors and with increasing size of hemorrhoids the longitudinal muscle of the submucosal layer of the rectum, holding hemorrhoids in the anal canal, is gradually stretched, and it occurs degenerative changes. The result of increasing the size of the cavernous bodies and an offset of hemorrhoids in the distal direction of the anal canal develop hemorrhoids.

Causes of Hemorrhoid:

  • Constipation, straining
  • Prolonged diarrhea
  • Pregnancy, childbirth
  • Heredity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Long stay in a sitting position
  • Weight lifting
  • Eating spicy foods
  • The use of alcoholic beverages

Male and female causes of hemorrhoids

Male and female causes of hemorrhoidsDespite the fact that men and women hemorrhoids occurs with equal frequency, some causes of this disease, however, differ. So, causes of hemorrhoids in men mainly related to lifestyle and bad habits.

  • Alcohol abuse, heavy smoking, unbalanced menu with a predominance of spicy food — all this contributes to the emergence and development of the disease.

Because alcohol can appear clots, nicotine reduces the vascular permeability and spicy foods caused by heavy influx of blood to them (for effects on the circulatory system it’s like lifting weights!). In addition, such food irritates the gut wall, reducing their ability to resist infections.

One of the causes of hemorrhoids in women is pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Pregnancy causes significant changes in the female body, in particular, at this time there is active production of the hormone progesterone, causing the walls of blood vessels lose their elasticity and, as a result, you may receive the hemorrhoids.

Add to that sedentary pregnant women and the pressure that a child, especially in the last trimester, affects fabrics and blood vessels in the pelvic region. What can we say about childbirth! The stress mothers during attempts — huge! It is identical to lifting such heavy loads, which not every man can handle it. Blood flow to the “Fifth point” increases, the vessels dilate, and that is the reason for the appearance of hemorrhoids.

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