Causes of infertility in women and men

Infertility – the inability of reproduction sexual intercourse people who have reached childbearing age. Infertile couple is considered, if in the course of the year, with regular intercourse (at least once a week) without the use and acceptance of contraception is not pregnancy.

How is infertility in women and men. Consider the causes of each.

Causes of female infertility:

  • missing or uterine end of the tube (or impassable);
  • genetic factors
  • adhesions in the pelvic organs (they can occur after undergoing gynecological surgery, to be the result of inflammation, endometriosis);
  • violations of the hormonal (endocrine);
  • no uterus, or there is some pathology (for example, in adult women immature uterus and its parameters it is similar to the child);
  • endometriosis
  • the woman has antibodies to sperm (this is called immunological infertility);
  • the sterility of women, which can occur with abnormalities at the chromosomal level;
  • psychological factor, the so-called psychological infertility (when the woman on a psychological level, does not want to have children, sometimes, unconscious) manifests itself in different types of fear (childbirth, weight gain, loss of attractiveness, the reluctance to have a child from a particular male).

Causes of male infertility:

  • disorders of a sexual nature (ejaculatory disorders or dysfunction);
  • problems with urinary bodies;
  • anatomic pathology and changes in the reproductive organs in males (hypospadias, the problems with ejaculatory ducts, cystic fibrosis, increased thickness of secretions, surgery)
  • increased (decreased) levels of testosterone, endocrinological diseases (hyperprolactinemia, hypogonadism)
  • heredity
  • exposure to radiation, chemotherapy, toxins, high temperature;
  • injuries of the genitals;
  • dropsy of the testicles;
  • diseases, transmission sexually, inflammation;
  • no semen (sperm), or, but in small quantity;
  • a small number of moving spermatozoa and an increased number of abnormal sperm;
  • leucocytes in the semen in larger quantities from the norm (such violations occur after the transfer of inflammatory processes).

Treatment of infertility in women and men

Treatment of infertilityCommon causes of infertility include excessive weight of the two representatives (fatty deposits put pressure on the urogenital organs and as a consequence various problems with them) or, conversely, excessive thinness (in women the problems start with the menstrual cycle, dry out all the organs, in men – reduced sperm activity).

Another major cause of infertility is incompatibility of partners. It occurs in 5-7% of couples who have children with other “sweethearts”, and in a very short time after parting ways with former loved ones. This is the reason of infertility of unknown Genesis.

Also, infertility may be combined (from this disease suffer from both partners), combined (women/men there are several factors or causes of infertility, for example, one woman impenetrable tubes and endometriosis). Even the infertility is primary (the woman has never been pregnant) or secondary (occurs after the birth of one or a few children od the influence of various factors or failures in the body, also put this diagnosis if the woman became pregnant, but gave birth for any reason, such as miscarriage).

Infertility is not a sentence and not doom, it may be temporary, especially with each passing day, improved technology and methods of treatment of the disease.

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