Cellulite – 5 unhealthy foods for obesity

Cellulite – structural changes in the skin, which causes can be hormonal disorders, sudden weight fluctuations, lack of physical activity and, of course, poor diet. We have compiled a list of products from which should be abandoned to anyone who really wants to get rid of cellulite.

Foods that trigger cellulite are:

1. Alcohol

At the head of our ranking of cellulite alcohol. First, people usually drink it under good snack: drinking a beer roasted pork ribs and sausages, savor wine under a juicy steak or Italian pasta, eating candy and cakes along with champagne. And all because of the wonderful alcohol increases appetite. Secondly, the spirits themselves are quite nutritious. Thirdly, alcohol abuse impairs blood circulation and causes swollen syndrome, leading to abnormal circulation of blood and lymph. The result we can see on their thighs and buttocks in the form of “orange peel”.

2. Coffee

Coffee, the favorite energy source of all times and peoples, too, can have a negative impact on the blood vessels and circulation. It happens because of excessive coffee consumption: maximum of 3 cups of an invigorating drink in a day is already too much. If you want the soft tissue is getting enough oxygen – not too obligate with caffeine. This is especially true lovers of coffee and cigarettes, which cause your body a double whammy, denying him the opportunity to normalize lipid metabolism.

3. Mayonnaise

We are not talking about homemade sauce made from natural ingredients, and industrial mayonnaise, which is rightly considered a real fat bomb. Many types of mayonnaise contain TRANS fats, which our body cannot digest. Regular consumption of this dangerous product lead to diseases of the pancreas and liver, atherosclerosis, obesity, vascular diseases, the formation of cholesterol plaques and other pathologies, it goes hand in hand with cellulite.

4. Sugar

Foods that trigger cellulite areToday about the dangers of sugar have not read just lazy. This sweet “drug” is the main provocateur of excess weight, dental caries and diabetes. It also adversely affects the elasticity of blood vessels, disrupts the mineral balance in the body and reduces the elasticity of soft tissues. All this directly affects the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, the circulation of blood and lymph, the weakening of the capillaries and the appearance of bumps under the skin.

5. Salt

Fans of savory foods well know for their use pursues thirst. Yes, water is good for the body, but there is a limit (especially if chips, smoked sausages, crackers or French fries you drink coke or beer). Salt retains water in your body and leads to swelling, and they, in turn, provoke the cellulite.

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