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Cellulite – the deposition of the fatty layer under the skin, leading to deformation and stretching of the skin.

Causes cellulite

What is the reason? It is appropriate to talk about it as polymorphic, that is a lot of reasons, and one complements the other. The first stage is heredity… cellulite is Transmitted through the female line.

Please look carefully at its closest relatives: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and You all will be clear. If cellulite is visible from them, the same thing awaits you. But that genes worked, need, and predisposing factors:

1) sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, when the movement of blood and lymph through the vessels
2) poor diet, excessive consumption of foods rich in unsaturated fats: margarine, chips, assorted pastries, pickles, smoked meats.
3) Smoking
4) Endocrine disorders, water and electrolyte disorders, and diseases associated with them, slowing down fat metabolism and the exchange of body fluids.


Just share the four stages of cellulite:

Causes cellulite1) the First stage is all women. Yes, if you examine any known model, we will find her cellulite, as female sex hormones, which are responsible for fat deposition, and already there’s a reason…. Another thing is that it is almost invisible. Carrying out diagnostics with a special strip that captures the “warm” and “cold” lesions on the skin, in the best case will always give the minimum number of “cold”, that is cellulite. “Perfectly slim women” we will always find 0-1-th stage.
2) the Second stage – the skin fiber over compacted.
3) the Third is the “orange peel”, which is nothing like soldering adipose tissue connective tissue fibers, poorly visible lying, but well standing.
4) In the fourth stage, respectively, cellulite can be seen in any position.

The first cellulite often appears on the buttocks (“Pope”) and feet.

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite treatment should be comprehensive, not limited to one procedure since to get rid of cellulite quickly is impossible. In the first place are:

1) Diet. It is better to start with communicate with a qualified nutritionist, because you’re “hidden pitfalls”. The thing is, everyone wants results quickly and immediately, sitting down on fasting days, but this is the danger: first, a person loses weight, the elasticity of the skin decreases due to the excretion of fluid rather than fat (fat will need more time), and then when you cancel diet tightens skin, and stretch marks are formed. Alas, everyone has a different body, its physiological state, health… So start with the advice of a professional.

Cellulite treatmentIf to speak in General, then remove from power a muffin, sweet, smoked, food, and drinks with artificial colors, do not abuse coffee.

Caffeine in large doses impairs circulation, and in small helps burn fat and used in local cosmetic act, for the correction. But the right proportion, which is contained in the drugs You are yourself not define.

Definitely give up Smoking or at first at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.

Very useful for cellulite citrus and green tea, watermelons, bananas, baked potatoes, seafood, greens.

2) Sport, do not try to help “iron friend”, if possible take a walk on foot.

3) Home remedies for the correction of cellulite is the various ointments and creams. A lot of them and I will not write their names, lest he regarded it as an advertisement… I will just Say that they are in most its contain seaweed, citrus, caffeine. Algae, in addition to the mass of useful properties, improve blood circulation due to the substances that are in them, and iodine has biodegradable properties. Citrus fruits and their antioxidant properties rejuvenate the skin, oxidized fats, and improve blood flow. These same properties, blue clay, oil bath with citrus and Apple cider vinegar when applied to the skin, in addition to the main property and still struggling with spider veins ( couperose). Many love to make wraps with creams, gels , increasing the temperature has drainage properties, but be careful, because varicose veins is a contraindication, as for the anti-cellulite massage.

4) Massage, which can be manual, cupping. It is conducted with a variety of creams, oils. Popular now massage, which is due to biologically active substances contained in honey, has anti-cellulite properties, properties to remove excess fat deposits. But be careful, with all the positive things allergic reactions nor uncommon. The very effective combination of anti-cellulite massage with the peelings, but don’t forget what I said above… Now many professional cosmetic companies have developed effective methods of correction of cellulite cosmetics, called lines.

5) Hardware techniques when using different types of currents adjust Your figure. The most popular are machine Futura RHS (biostimulation of tissues, light therapy, ultrasound), LPG (vacuum therapy). The overall effect of them is aimed at fat burning, skin rejuvenation. They are very appropriate when too lazy or busy to go to the gym.

6) Mesotherapy – injections of various drugs in problematic zones and biologically active points.

7) Liposuction. For me, it’s the method that you want to go last. Because fat is not a foreign body in the body. He participates in the cell structure, metabolic processes, and of coarse its removal is unlikely a positive impact on the body. So in the 80-ies appeared ultrasonic liposuction based on cell disruption by ultrasound. Now came to the aid of a vacuum. We must not forget that excess skin while reducing the amount of fat no one will be removed or will need another intervention. So this technique should be approached wisely.

In cosmetology developed different methods, different professional cosmetic line. They are trained to do the procedure without learning is impossible, it for use against cellulite creams that have to pick up a cosmetologist, and wraps, and all other methods of cellulite. If someone for example owns glycolic peels, can’t do peeling with fruit acids, if not specialization. Even diet must appoint a nutritionist, because this is done with consideration of the peculiarities of the patient and contraindications. So only one thing to see a specialist and he will pick up the program, what you need for You.

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