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Chest x-ray

How do the x-rays in our hospitals, for what purposes, and that shows the chest x-rays, we will tell you in this article.

How do the chest x-rayIt is no secret that in our country a huge number of lives takes tuberculosis. All other diseases, taken together, can be compared to one of total TB epidemic. Moreover, the state is not particularly engaged in solving this problem. The only more or less visible solution was the introduction of a mandatory routine fluoroscopy, which helps to identify new cases of the disease.

How do the chest x-ray?

In the basis of x-rays is the use of special x-ray radiation, which during the passage through the human body is recorded on the film. Put simply, a fluorography is reduced chest x-ray, which is carried out for examination and discovery, all sorts of pathologies that he actually shows. But unfortunately, when you do chest x-rays, it is highly doubtful likely to see the TB at a very early stage, because the method is still very far from perfect.

Chest x-rays per year in our country doing since the age of 16.

What does the chest x-ray?

It has a distinct changes in the density of the chest, which actually caused any abnormalities. If there is a difference between the density of structures, any radiologist will see it. Most often these changes are caused by the development of connective tissue in the respiratory organs, which allows us to make a prediction.

Although the disease is not always associated with changes in tissue density. For example, pneumonia only after reaching a certain stage, can be seen in the picture. It is for this reason that performed chest x-rays is not always a good reason in order to make a diagnosis.

Using fluoroscopy to diagnoseUsing fluoroscopy to diagnose:

-fibrosis and sclerosis;
-late stage of inflammation;
-foreign body;
-pathological cavity;
-the presence of air or fluid.

Despite the fact that a fluorography gives very vague and often inaccurate results, there is no denying the effectiveness of this method in the diagnosis of lung cancer and tuberculosis. As if we are not annoyed the requirements of that procedure, to refuse it still not worth it. Very often it is due to the mass fluorography and found new cases of tuberculosis. It is also important that this survey is provided free of charge in any clinic.

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