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Child has a bad cough

Each child coughs. Parents usually start to worry if the cough is constant, here they are trying to help your child stop coughing. But the cough is almost always good, it helps to clear the airway. Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary not to suppress the cough of a child, and to help him better to cough. Upper respiratory tract the child to produce a special mucus. Stick to it all the foreign particles in the inhaled air, such as dust, microbes. As mucus is constantly produced is removed by a microscopic cellular cilia, who was promoting her up.

In diseases of the Airways mucus increases, the body tends to “throw away” pathogens. But those tiny cilia, which in a healthy body engaged in the promotion of mucus, the disease no longer work. Therefore, if not for the coughing, the baby suffocate in the slime. Cough need help only when mucus becomes thick, sticky and difficult to remove. In this case it is necessary to reduce the viscosity of sputum.

Cough is not only sick, but very often, and healthy children. It is estimated that a child eight to twelve years in coughing day about 11 times. Accumulating coughing, especially at night, mucus is a normal phenomenon.

What to do when coughing child?

It is only necessary to suppress a dry cough, which is caused by irritation of the mucous with small amounts of sputum. For acute respiratory infections dry cough lasts for several hours, then gives way to wet. When laryngitis and tracheitis for the treatment of cough use cough suppressing means. For example, codeine, glaucine, butamirat. Sometimes, instead of drugs it is better to give the child hot milk with the addition ? dessert spoon teaspoon soda per Cup. Laryngitis soften dry cough steam inhalation through inhaler with the addition of medicines.

If the cough is wet or after a few aftershocks cough, removes phlegm and stops on time, no need to take measures for its suppression, because the cough performs its function. When the cough prolonged for a long time and the child cannot cough effectively, then prescribe thinning remedies, mucolytics: Bromhexine, acetylcysteine, Ambroxol, and others. They are used by a doctor in case of chronic processes, and in acute bronchitis they are not needed. Such drugs are recommended to use twice a day, morning and evening for a few hours before bedtime. However, it is impossible to use them constantly, their prolonged use can only intensify the cough.

Popular expectorants that are used by many parents to improve expectoration increases its fluid part exhaled through the lungs essential oils. Many of them are sold in the form of finished medicines in an easily metered form which can replace the traditional folk remedies to treat cough herbs. It mukaltin – drug of alteynogo roots, lycorine – extracts of Liliaceae plants and umaralieva, pektusin – a preparation of mint and aqualite.

Young children to treat cough it is better to use anti-cough breast fees herbs. But the effectiveness of these funds is highly questionable, as rubbing the chest with products containing essential oils. They cough a little easier, but not affect the cause of the disease. And here’s any fat to RUB the baby harmful, as this worsens the skin breathing, and the action on the cough almost none. Also persistent and painful cough of a child can cause a dangerous illness whooping cough. Whooping cough cough is easier to prevent by vaccination than to treat anti-cough and anti-inflammatory agents.

Drugs for the treatment of cough in children

Also not all these means are effective for coughs associated with bronchial obstruction. For example, in asthma and obstructive bronchitis in which the cough is manifested by whistling on the exhale from the chest. To treat these diseases, the doctor may prescribe a vasodilator, is mainly used sympathomimetics – salbutamol, aminophylline and others.

Drugs for the treatment of cough in childrenAntibiotics in most cases coughing is not used. Bronchitis and other so-called colds are caused by viruses. The antibiotics also help in diseases caused by bacteria, such as pneumonia – inflammation of the lungs.

For bronchitis mustard, banks, burning plasters and rubbing is unacceptable, physical therapy electro-stimulation is ineffective. Bath with water temperature of 39°C? With duration up to ten minutes to increase blood flow to the skin. But they cannot be done at high temperature the child from the danger of overheating.

Some of the children after bronchitis cough remains for several weeks, due to excessive production of mucus. To suppress this cough is harmful, it is often necessary, on the contrary, to stimulate it, when the mucus from the child “hurts, and itches in the throat”, irritating and disturbing the parents. In such cases, press on the trachea on the neck or a spoon to the root of the tongue is the cause of the cough impulse and the time will stop bubbling.

Modern pharmaceutical industry offers many remedies for cough. But buy any cough syrup for the baby should not have before to try to calm the cough at any cost, determine the reason that caused the cough. Only eliminating the cause of cough can be rid of her forever.

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