Childbirth in England

The health system in the UK allows each Englishwoman to give birth for free, if it occurs in a public hospital. The protagonist of births in the country is the midwife which attach to a pregnant woman after the first visit to the family doctor.

Up to 12 weeks a woman is not appointed any surveys, because they believe that if there are any problems, pregnancy save is not worth it. The body knows what is best for them. The mother is under the care of midwives during pregnancy and two weeks after birth. If everything proceeds normally, the doctor she won’t even see. The doctor comes only in critical cases.

Every 2-3 weeks the midwife conducts a full inspection pregnant – takes the necessary tests, weighs, measures pressure, abdominal circumference, palpitations.

At 12 and 20 weeks are scheduled ultrasound. They determine the sex of the baby and make the first pictures of the baby for the future of the family album.

The midwife not only prepares the woman for childbirth, but also teaches her care for the baby. Teaches how to breastfeed on special rubber doll. Also conducts a tour of the generic branch. Pregnant free and a huge number of issued brochures and videotapes of courses for pregnant women and other useful information.

Shortly before birth the mother with her midwife is “birth Plan”. Filled points about who will partner specified, the telephone number, which painkillers preferred whether attendance at childbirth medical students, will be a partner in case of emergency caesarean whether he cut the umbilical cord, the child first be washed or be put on the mother’s breast, do you plan to breastfeed, you can even choose the gender of the doctor! After drawing up such a plan, the woman can relax and fully trust my midwife that accuracy will comply with all her wishes.

Ahead of time expectant mothers in the maternity unit are not allowed. You can even examine and submit to the fight home. If delivery is about to happen, the woman together with the midwife and her husband send in a single chamber.

To facilitate contractions often use “laughing gas”, which gives a feeling of lightness and euphoria. All rooms have a gymnastic balls for relief of pain from contractions. You can use the swimming pool. The midwife regularly checks the status of the baby using the mini ultrasound machine.

In the UK do not like to spend the artificial induction of labor, considering it to be unnatural. Therefore, women give birth on their own as 24 hours and up to two days.

Immediately after birth the woman is taking a shower, and transferred to the ward, where there are about six birth moms with kids. Beds every woman separated by curtains.

Midwives do not cease to encourage mothers and teach them to care for the baby.

The first two weeks of the child and the mother are visited by a midwife, and after the child is attached a visiting nurse. She continues watching the baby in a few months, answering all questions to the mother and appreciating her emotional state.

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