Childbirth in France

Not everyone knows that in addition to superiority in the field of fashion and gastronomy, France also boasts the world’s best healthcare system.

So what are waiting for the Frenchwoman, who then decided to become a mother?

It is important to note that all costs associated with the birth of a child, are covered by social insurance. Families with children are required to receive benefits, the payment of which is managed by the “cash family benefits”. The benefit is as a lump sum at birth and Your period for up to three years. The state also pays for the purchase of school clothes for the children and employing babysitters.

To not worry about money, a pregnant woman should in the first three months have to register their pregnancies and submit a “Declaration of pregnancy” in the bodies of social insurance.

Employers of the future mother can set privileges for pregnant women to establish part-time with flexible schedule, or preserving the full salary during maternity leave.

The most important thing that should make pregnant Frenchwoman is to determine the hospital. There will be Your period inspections, and to give the necessary tests. Usually the mothers to choose between a private hospital and the state hospital. But to decide as quickly as possible, so that the pregnancy was seen by the same doctor.

French women take the same tests as the American women. Assigned test for rubella, toxoplasmosis, blood, urine for sugar and protein. Special attention is paid to the analysis of toxoplasmosis, as it suffers from this disease 90% of the adult population. If you become ill mother, it is fraught with serious complications for the child.

Maternity leave in France is 16 weeks. But if a pregnant woman wants to work until the last day, some of these weeks is transferred for a period after birth. The father can take two weeks of vacation at any time until the child turns a year. In some companies there is a special holiday for mothers, breastfeeding.

In public maternity units include childbirth preparation courses, starting two months before they are due. Pregnant visit the pool, gymnastics and other important lessons. Some women take courses from independent midwives, the list of which can be found in the hospital. Insurance covers these costs.

Postnatal wards in hospitals, double or single. On the doors sometimes hang the label of “Mother and baby are resting, so the staff won’t bother. Each hospital has a psychologist.

Special diets for nursing mothers no. And immediately after birth the mother is treated to a Cup of coffee with a croissant and a slice of pineapple.

Visit in the hospital is permitted, and a young father can take all day to be with his wife and baby. There are institutions where the family is not separated even at night. Often the child at night take in the nursery, mother to rest and gain strength.

At discharge, the mother will give a list of all the means to care for a newborn vitamins in the form of recipes, you can contact the pharmacy. In France, the young mother decided to celebrate at home with gifts of clothing for growth.

It is safe to say that women who decided to be born in France, hardly something you will regret!

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