Childbirth in Germany

The Germans are known for their accuracy and thoroughness. And for such an important life event, like pregnancy and childbirth women, they try to come up with all the responsibility. The management of pregnancy and childbirth for German women free in any case: if pregnant and her husband are working, then the services are paid by the insurance company, and poor care by the state.

It is important to note that the mother guaranteed job during maternity leave, and holiday childcare for up to three years. During this period, the young mother receives his wages in full, and the company also pays the woman or her husband lump sum award for the birth of a child.

Gynecologists in Germany have a private reception in specialized small clinics, which are often equipped right in the apartments. They are absolutely not similar to Europe and the United States women advice.

On receiving pregnant comes once a month, starting from 30 weeks to two times per month. The focus of the inspection is done on ultrasound diagnostics. It is made at each visit of the future mother. The gynecologist’s office is already equipped with the necessary equipment. The doctor says everything that makes on us. Here, take the blood and urine. Only in the last months take into account weight gain, measure the pressure and make CTG.

German doctors encourage natural pregnancy and not rush to prescribe to patients of different multivitamins and extra medications.

Pregnant German women receive maternity passport”, which records all of the surveys and tests and other observations of a doctor.

The main assistant of the future mother is becoming a visiting nurse who will be able to answer any questions during pregnancy and eight weeks after childbirth will daily come and help her settle into the role of mother, and keep track of weight and health of the baby. Advice visiting nurses included in health insurance, but her presence at birth is paid for separately. Free is also a good exercise for pregnant women, which begins with 4 months.

Childbirth in Germany are peculiar, but interesting. The mother offered to spend all this time in a warm bath with essential oils. This procedure helps women to relax and ease the contractions. If labor activity is weak – woman send stroll close to the hospital and only under the supervision of her husband. Enema is a natural stimulant of sorts, and is, only if the birth was delayed. During labour can move freely around the house. This kardiomonitornym control is not interrupted – the husband goes for his wife with telemetry sensor. The induction of labour is carried out only for medical reasons.

Partner delivery in Germany a common thing! Near the future mother is the husband or someone else from the family. Newborn baby after bathing and weighing immediately removed on the camera, and the picture is inserted into a card with good wishes. Such are the traditions of the hospital.

Postpartum chamber usually double or triple, where everything is ready for a stay of mother and child. Diapers, wipes and even vests, which can then be taken away. Night kids being taken away to the nursery and some times bring on feeding.

All children up to 18 years old medical treatment is provided free of charge, and up to 12 years free of charge given medication.

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