Childbirth without pain

Many women are afraid to face such problem like pain during childbirth. Many people are looking for any way to give birth without pain. But this method in medicine does not exist, but it is to be in the woman’s body. Many people think that painless childbirth is simply impossible. For many centuries people are so accustomed to think that childbirth is painful and painful process that they are not able to even think about what might be different. All the hopes of the women assigned to painkillers. But medical anesthesia has its negative side and is dangerous for both mother and baby. But there is, after all, pain relief during labor naturally inherent in the female body.

To the woman it was easier to endure childbirth, nature gave her anesthesia. Generic activities regulates a great number of hormones, including the hormone endorphin. They are released in the body in large quantities, it is the hormones of pleasure and joy that affect the reduction of unpleasant pain and are able to create a condition similar to intoxication. End ofline very beneficial effect on the course of childbirth, they help a woman to relieve pain, relax, and improve the psycho-emotional state. Suppression can be suppressed because of the great anxiety of women. In this case, natural pain relief decreases.

Childbirth without pain – how to give birth to a healthy baby without pain?

Where there is pain. From a physiological point of view, any pain is the awareness of the body that have any violations in natural processes. Birth is natural process and is not for woman’s body with something devastating. The uterus is stretched, it will need to redo a lot of work. The uterus is intensively reduced over a long period of time. In the muscles of the uterus to be little pain receptors. So the pain associated with contractions of the uterus. Mostly pain occur in the muscles that surround the uterus and placed in the lumbar region and abdomen. A woman cannot affect the muscles of the uterus, but it can control those muscles that surround the uterus. In order for the pain to decrease, you should try to relax them. This is a simple and effective way of getting rid of pain.

The relaxation. The cause of pain is muscle tension, which prevents the natural physiological changes that occur in a woman’s body during childbirth. If prior to delivery the woman feels great fear and anxiety, the pain in the muscles can grow. To reduce pain, you need to be able to relax and feel calm. And in order to relax the body, you should first be able to relax on the subconscious. If a woman is stressed inside feels fear, it can greatly hinder the relaxation of muscles. In order to relax, you need to find a suitable place and a special atmosphere. The same applies to delivery.

All Western clinics for this reason, try to create in the wards of the hospitals environment that is as close to home. Before the birth, it would be better to visit a place where there will be family activities, meet with your doctor. It is necessary that the mother had an idea of where and with whom will undergo childbirth. This will contribute to the fact that a woman will feel much calmer and more confident. There are various ways of relaxation, a description of their techniques can be found in books, in which were written all about childbirth without pain. The relaxation techniques you need to master before labor. Every woman should choose an individual relaxation techniques. Before the birth of the need to practice, for then the body became easier to the desired state. In order to enhance the effect of relaxation, you can turn a calm and relaxing music, soft massage, a warm shower, subdued light.

A conscious approach. Under the notion of a conscious approach to childbirth participation pregnant all related to birth events. A woman should be able to navigate in your own feelings and to find myself in this behavior, where she will feel as comfortable as possible. Only the mother can determine the most favorable position for the flow of labor. Doctors say that a pregnant woman must take position during childbirth. The main task of doctors is to assist in the successful birth of the child.

Psychology of childbirth without pain

Psychological support. During childbirth, the woman just needed psychological support. Very well, if at birth will be the person who will be able to genuinely empathize with the woman in labor. It doesn’t have to be someone from the family. It can be both a best friend and midwife. The most important thing must be that this person is impressively argued about successful final delivery, maintained his composure, he knew how to cheer, to provide for your desires in order to create comfortable for mothers atmosphere. In Western hospitals there are even special profession, helper in childbirth. The challenge of such a person is to create a special psychological comfort for parturient women.

Trust and intimacy. Found an interesting fact that childbirth in a woman’s body there are physical changes, as when making love. Generic activities regulate the same hormones that affect the feeling of sexual satisfaction. For these reasons, at birth, a woman is required an intimate atmosphere, so that the mother could feel as comfortable as possible and easily, so could be relaxed, to be easily their feelings and emotions. If childbirth is a loved one, it helps to feel much safer. Today great popularity acquired a birth in the presence of her husband. To give birth without pain the woman must be approached from a moral point of view, to trust what is happening and to feel love for your baby.

Child care. The birth of the child is stressed, he will have from the normal state to move into a new world. For a child it is very important to the support of his mother. Many women this fact helps to switch from personal experiences to the discomfort of the child. Women have the ability of understanding and awareness of what was going on, and it can influence the course of events, and the child such ability has not. The process of birth greatly affects a child’s life, his Outlook and attitudes. If during childbirth for women comes a moment of despair and hopelessness, the same feelings can be transmitted to the child. In such moments it is necessary to try to comfort the child, to give him their love, and not to consider him the cause of his suffering and pain. This is not a complicated method can reduce the discomfort of the woman and gives her a new strength to continue delivery.

Changing attitudes to pain. You need to try to change their attitude to pain. Birth is a huge experience. If correct, this process approach, they can be the most wonderful event of your life. During childbirth a woman will experience many feelings. Pain should not be the main experience. Its presence should be treated not as a test, which is impossible to avoid, but as a good counselor. Pain can tell the woman that the child was born a woman needs to relax and open up. Just because of the pain the woman is constantly changing its position, until you find the most comfortable for yourself. The main function of pain is to suggest that the need for a smooth flow of labor.

Preparation for painless childbirth. In order to be able to properly respond to pain signals and to cope with them, a woman should know about birth experiences all her required classes that introduce you to the course of childbirth, all possible behaviors. The woman should prepare for childbirth is very responsible and serious. Now there are so many different books, which tell about the birth. When choosing a book you should pay attention to what approach the author for childbirth, for a description of all possible behaviors in childbirth methods of pain relief in a natural way.

Preparation for childbirth without pain

It is not desirable to read a schematic description of the birth, as soon as a physiological process. In no case do not need to read books on obstetrics. It will not bring any benefit, rather the contrary, will only add to the fear. Medical literature is aimed at the description of the different pathologies of course delivery, as well as options to address them. All this information is afraid of the mother, makes her more insecure and prone to anxiety, so childbirth are much more complicated. But it is not enough just to read books. Very few people saw the birth of their eyes, or stood in this process. It prevents people from normal to form the image of birth, birth is something very unusual. Many people do not even have the correct ideas about childbirth, but too afraid of them. View the video, which depicts real childbirth, helps many people cope with their fears before the birth of the baby. There are many educational films. Also training courses for childbirth there is a big video shoot genera that are used in order to work.

A very effective way of preparing for painless childbirth is attending special classes for expectant mothers. In such studies it is possible to go with her husband. At these sessions use different methods of preparation experiences during childbirth. The courses have the opportunity to learn a lot about the course of normal childbirth, as well as to prepare for the psychological and physical stress, to practice the methods of natural pain relief and relaxation. But most important guarantee of childbirth without pain is their own belief that the birth of a child without suffering!

Childbirth Without Pain

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