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Children in Sauna

It is considered that the bath is very useful to everyone, and you can visit it at any age. But is it really? About bath treatment and sauna a lot of debating doctors and wellness experts, different assessing their impact on the body. So whether you want (and whether) children to attend a sauna, or on the door of the wooden cabin should be to hang a sign “To 16” off limits? Perhaps most importantly in this situation — a sense of harmony and measure. If you are going to carry a child in a sauna, you have to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons, to assess and benefits, and possible risks.

With such respect and love of people to the bath or sauna from adults we should not be surprised that the stay in the steam room quickly becomes habitual for the child. Many parents consciously teach their offspring from an early age not to be afraid of the heat bath and to enjoy the accompanying health treatments — massage, aromatherapy, immersion in the font, and so on. It is common practice for many European countries. For example in Finland, home of the famous dry brocade children attend sauna for adults already four to five years… In the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria visiting saunas and baths, the thermal bath is provided in the Wellness program the majority of children’s institutions: boarding schools, guest houses and schools.

How to enjoy the sauna with a child

1. In the first visit the child’s steamy temperature can be lowered to 80-90° C. the heat treatments must be very brief — for the entire session no more than three calls in a steam bath that lasts about 1.5-2 minutes each (guided by age and health status, but in any case, children are not recommended in a steam room more than 5 minutes at a time and more than 15 minutes for the entire 2-hour session).

2. In the steam room better for a child to sit on the lower bench, but not upstairs, in “the heat. The parents can stay in the sauna longer, and the child has the opportunity under the supervision of another adult swim in the pool, frolic in the hot tub.

3. Try to avoid rapid cooling of the child after exiting the steam room. Be careful with the font, especially if a child has problems with blood vessels. In principle bath font — not for kids, but if you are a supporter of hardening and do not see anything wrong in cold water — make sure that the temperature drop wasn’t too harsh: let the child will first take a warm shower, then colder, and only then dives into the pool.

4. In the sauna we are so relaxed they sometimes completely forget about time, so make sure that the sauna you have a watch (at least sand). When the time allotted for the procedure, will expire immediately get baby out of steam, even if it asks to “sit still”.

5. Do not leave children unattended not only in the sauna but the pool. Regardless of whether you go to the sauna just your family or with a company in advance to agree on the order and decide who you are and what time will play the role of babysitter while the rest of us bask e steam.

6. If the sauna is arranged in the apartment or house, and the children are left alone, they in any case should not use it yourself. If one of the adults not at home, the sauna must be closed securely or the key (prudently hidden away from children), or disabled so that children are unable to include it during the absence of senior.

In many countries, the sauna is used for the prevention and treatment of numerous childhood diseases, primarily respiratory, but also rheumatic and skin diseases. A particularly beneficial impact and this sense has aromatherapy. It is not only a kind of panacea for chronic colds, but also effective improves mood. The child, as an adult, she likes to stretch out on the warm bench and a pleasure to breathe healthy air, saturated with pine, lavender, cypress, juniper or apricot…

According to research, children who regularly attend a sauna, a sick 81% less likely than their peers who are not accustomed to the steam room, and psyche them more sustainable. In adolescence, they are less susceptible to depression, neuroses, vegetovascular disorders. Doctors and psychologists attribute this to the relaxation that is soothing effect of sauna to help get rid of tension and aggression.

Sauna for Child: Benefit and Harm

Unfortunately, children’s bodies are less resistant to external influences, and the sauna, in spite of all associated with this event joyful moments — after all the stress. And the least trouble that can happen to an unprepared child during a treatment – dizziness or a migraine attack. Do not forget that visiting a hot steam — it is voluntary not only for adults but also children. If a child for some reason does not want to go to the sauna — crying, complaining of feeling unwell in any case you can’t make it, even if you believe that there is nothing more useful than a steam room in the world.

Not casually say that the body does not lie, and if the child is uncomfortable in the sauna, this means. that his body will give signals to proceed with caution.

At an early age a visit to the baths can be potentially dangerous when expressed violations of metabolism and the body, as well as hidden damage that occurred during the intrauterine life of the baby. It should be remembered that in the sauna, children have perhaps the appearance of cardiac arrhythmia (especially during the first visit). Congenital heart defects or heart failure, the child is generally better not to drive in any bath.

Relative contraindications to the sauna children are chronic diseases of kidneys and urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver, purulent or weeping skin diseases (eczema), and endocrine disorders. Unwanted hot, dry steam for allergies, dystonia, and girls in that difficult period when they become girls.

Alas, that’s not all. Sauna is strictly contraindicated in children with acute infectious diseases accompanied by high temperature. Why don’t you decide to carry a child in a sauna with the intention to cure his flu. But after the disease will be, treatments will help to strengthen the body, help him to recover from the effects of infection, strengthen the immune system. About visiting sunny-breeze to forget, and in cases of diagnosing periodic seizures, tumors, severe lung injuries. But again, if the disease managed to win in the course of prescribed treatment, recovering children bath can benefit.

How to attend to invite the whole family

So, in the absence of severe medical contra-indications to the sauna every child from a very early age (although some doctors believe that the minimum acceptable age limit for 3-4 years, and others believe that once a week in a sauna can bring even infants). In any case, most importantly — a clear regulation of the bath procedures. The younger the child, the more lenient regime should be developed by parents.

As you know, up to a certain age the children take their cue from mom and dad. Use this “credit unconditional trust* in order to instill in children the skills of safe behavior. And mud-flows, you yourself behave properly in the sauna, and the offspring gradually accustomed himself to bear the same. So, the sauna and bath treatments would be to always bring him only benefits and a good mood.

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