Children's health

Children’s Mental Health

Physical health of children has been increased attention at all times. With the accelerated pace of life, increasing number of stressful situations, modern medicine sounded the alarm about the mental health of children. Nowadays, all understand that without mental health there can be physical health in humans.

The importance today is given to the mental health of children and adults, can be seen in the interpretation of the term “health” world health organization: “Health is not merely the absence of disease, it represents a complete physical, mental and social well-being”.

Currently, public health attaches great importance to children’s mental health with the responsibility for a healthy society of the future.

Mental health of the child is the totality of qualities and abilities that enable him to adapt smoothly in a social environment.

Children’s mental health is presented as a state of well-being in which every child can realize their potential, cope with day to day tasks productively to learn and perform social and domestic responsibilities.

Mental Health for Children

Mental health in children is more than the absence of neuropsychiatric disorders. It is well known that the mental health of the child depends on the environment, both at the family level and at the level of society. Maintaining mental and physical health of children, in turn, is a determinant of health throughout life. It is important that the purpose and tradition of strengthening physical health of children, could also be effectively applied in the field of mental health children.

We will not go into details about the importance of the physical health of children. Each of us from childhood, inculcated knowledge about health, about nutrition, about the strict regime of the day. To be brief: physical health of children is a normal activity of the body of the child. Each of us wants to see your healthy baby and be healthy myself, especially now, when this is economically justified. We note only that the most important factor in maintaining physical health of children and through it children’s mental health is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You must adhere to a whole complex of recreational activities that increase the likelihood that an increasing number of children will have better mental health.

Promoting the mental health of children must be conducted on the state level, and in each particular family. Use is subject to a variety of strategies, each of which should have a positive impact on children’s mental health. Parents, for their part, to strengthen the mental health of the child, are obliged to provide an atmosphere of security and freedom. And the state has to contribute to create favourable living conditions and the environment. After all, healthy children – healthy future.

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