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Colds in children – causes, symptoms and treatment

Cold is seasonal: it often occurs in wet weather. This disease is viral in nature and is transmitted by airborne droplets. When after some provoking factor ( wet feet, has overcooled, drank cold juice, etc.,) the child shows symptoms of a cold, this means that on the background of hypothermia decreased immune protection of the body, and the virus was introduced into the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract.

Symptoms of a cold child:

Unlike influenza, colds from the first days of the disease are severe runny nose, hoarseness, cough, and sometimes pain when swallowing. Among the clinical manifestations of the disease – fever, weakness, loss of appetite, headache, deterioration of the General condition.

Treatment of colds in children:

Symptoms and Treatment of colds in childrenAt elevated temperatures keep a sick child in bed and be sure to call your doctor. To ease the condition will help children antipyretics, such as paracetamol. Eliminate able runny nose drops, which will recommend a doctor.

Of great importance is the care for a sick baby. First of all, do not be afraid ventilation: if the room air is fresh, the child will be easier to breathe. Just remember at this time to put it in another room.

Periodically take the baby in his arms, but gently without squeezing the chest. To avoid congestion in the lungs, babies frequently need to turn from side to side. At least twice a week change of bed linen ( if sweats, and more ). And try as often as possible to give the child drink plenty of warm.

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