Colic and constipation in newborn

Colic (abdominal pain) in infants is a common problem associated with the peculiarities of his digestive system.

Prevention of colic child

If the mother is breastfeeding, she needs to strictly adhere to recommended medical diet, limiting consumption of whole cow’s milk, spicy foods, chocolate, coffee, onions, bananas, grapes, and cabbage. Very often, colic in baby’s is accompanied by increased flatulence. In this case, the mother should be completely excluded from the diet of sweets, amplifying the fermentation processes in the intestine, smoked and spicy seasonings.

Prevention of colic childIf the child is on artificial feeding, the mixture must be selected individually, following the advice of the supervising pediatrician.

Another cause of colic in babies can be a violation of the rules and techniques of feeding. It is important to remember that the next feeding should not occur earlier than 2-3 hours. Otherwise the child’s body will not cope with the digestion of food. For baby swallowing air during feeding, it should be kept in poluvirtualnogo position. In addition, choose a bottle with a special valve, which also help to reduce the amount of swallowed air. After a meal it is recommended 10-15 minutes to hold baby upright “column”.

The emotional state of the baby also can adversely affect the digestive process, so feeding should take place in a calm and familiar to the child environment.

What to do if a newborn’s stomach hurts

What to do if a newborn's stomach hurtsMake the baby a gentle massage. Before you begin, RUB your hands to warm them. Pat the tummy of the baby, moving clockwise. When bloating child can help the following exercise: place baby on his back and alternately bend his legs, pulling them to his chest.
To ease the pain, put the baby on the tummy warm diaper. You can also press the crumbs to his stomach and walk him around the room.
Another proven way from colic is a regular publication of the child on his stomach. Try to do it more often, so the baby train the abdominal muscles that has a positive effect on peristalsis.
Also to ease the pain of the baby’s pediatrician may advise you to put him vent tube. Before the procedure, wash your hands, put the diaper (preferably disposable), then put your baby on his back. Lubricate the rounded end of the venting tube of vaseline oil, then gently and slowly enter the rectum of a child to see 3-4 Can cover the baby with a blanket and wait 5-10 minutes. Constipation in toddlerAfter discharge of gases and feces the baby should wash. Again the procedure can be carried out not earlier than 3-4 hours.
It is important to remember that before the use of drugs to relieve the painful symptoms of the child, you must consult with your pediatrician.

Constipation in toddler

When breastfed number of defecations in the newborn, as a rule, coincides with the frequency of feedings. In infants who are bottle-feeding, constipation is the lack of a chair during the day.

Parents often begin treating child and allow for many mistakes that can contribute to the deterioration of the child. It is important to remember that successful treatment of constipation in newborn depends on timely access to a specialist, who make a correct diagnosis. After examination, the doctor will make recommendations for changes in the supply and prescribe medications depending on the cause of constipation, because it can be caused by any disease that should be treated first. Enemas are also appointed by the pediatrician.

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