Conception of a child

Conception after taking birth control pills

If a woman has stopped taking the pill, chances of pregnancy increases. Doctors have long noticed this feature of the body, and used in practice in the treatment of infertility. This phenomenon has received the name of effect of cancellation or rebound effect. But the question is: how safe is oral contraceptives for the female body, not whether they have negative effects on fetal development, if conception happens immediately after taking these drugs?

Chances getting pregnant after taking birth control pills
Pregnant after taking birth control pillsYourself to take oral contraceptives without a prescription not. On sale there are drugs that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, but this does not mean that you can drink without prescription. Almost every birth control drug, there are contraindications and may cause side effects. Side effects such as a small set of weights, the emergence of menstrual discharge, frequent headaches, decreased libido, is quite treatable, and the situation can be corrected with contraindications should be extremely careful.

Who is most doctors diagnose infertility? Women whose age 35. and the older woman becomes, the more her body accumulates chronic diseases, even with a healthy lifestyle, the body is very “worn”. Ovulation happens rarely, but the discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives may cause ovulation.

You should consider several “but’s” regarding birth control pills. Combined oral contraceptives do not designate Smoking women whose age of 35 years. This is an important point, especially when you consider that more than a quarter of women smoke. Disregard the prohibition and independent function of hormonal contraceptives may cause Smoking women thrombosis, stroke and acute forms of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the Smoking woman who wants a way to stimulate ovulation, you need to stop Smoking. If the habit will be stronger than will have to find another way to stimulate ovulation and to treat infertility.

Smoking is not the only contraindication for women taking the contraceptive pill. Administration of oral contraceptives are contraindicated in women with severe diseases of the kidneys, liver, history and thrombosis, in the presence of moderate and severe hypertension, diabetes, etc. Gynecologists consider all contraindications when assigning patient medications. In some cases it is necessary to hand over analyses of urine and blood. The analysis on hormones is not mandatory to assign KOK. In today’s low-dose drug composition are quite similar. The difference can be only in price for these tablets (usually the originals are more expensive than generics). Preparations of androgens can be prescribed by a doctor to eliminate greasy hair, acne treatment. However, to achieve a visible effect three months of treatment will not be enough…

Pregnancy after contraceptive pill

Pregnancy after contraceptive pillWhen pregnancy occurs after pill? In most cases immediately. Ovulation occurs in the first cycle of the drug. A woman can only make love without protection in the day is favorable for conception.

Previously accept hormonal preparations on the bearing and the development of the fetus does not have a negative impact. In the old days, doctors advised against pregnancy 2-3 months after administration of oral drugs. Modern low-hormonal drugs are not a threat, so these fears are not relevant.

There is another concern of many women question: what are the chances of getting pregnant when taking birth control pills and if conception has occurred, whether to have an abortion? Subject to all rules, pregnancy is extremely rare (only 1%). To achieve maximum contraceptive effectiveness of the tablets should be taken at a fixed time, without gaps. If during the first 4 hours after taking the contraceptive has been vomiting or diarrhea, you should drink an additional tablet.

Other medications can affect the effectiveness of hormonal contraception, as indicated in the accompanying instructions to tablets. In case of necessity of taking the medicine and simultaneous reception of hormonal tablets, you should consult with your gynecologist regarding their compatibility. The effectiveness of oral drugs significantly reduce antibiotics, as well as a number of traditional medicine. For example, a tincture of St. John’s wort may cause the resulting bleeding and pregnancy.

If you are taking contraceptive pregnancy does occur, abortion is not mandatory. First we need to verify the pregnancy (do the test, pass a blood test for HCG). In case of positive result of the medication, stop, and then the woman needs to be registered with a doctor in a timely manner to take the test, pass the examination on the basis of which the doctor makes the screening. The likelihood of deviations of the baby whose mother drank hormonal tablets, not higher than others.

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