Alcohol Conception of a child

Conception in a state of alcoholic intoxication

According to statistics, the main cause unexpected conception and birth of children with severe disabilities is alcohol intoxication parents. No wonder the majority of experts believe that psychological and physical health of offspring largely affected by the toxins that are contained in alcoholic beverages. Regardless of whether the parents of the baby suffer from chronic alcoholism or simply allowed himself a bottle of beer a pair or glasses of wine. Is it really?

Drunken conception

Drunken conceptionIt is known that the process of preparing sperm lasts approximately three months. Therefore, there is an opinion that in the conception involved the so-called old cells that have not yet spoiled by alcohol.

At the same time, canadian doctors conducted experiments, which proved quite a different point of view. It turns out, it was found that the alcohol almost immediately negatively affect sperm, which is inhabited by a sperm.

According to the indicators of normal sperm in the semen of healthy and non-drinking men live up to 25% of defective sperm, which can also participate in fertilization. But due to use of alcohol fertility of male cells become equal. Thus, the egg fertilizes the damaged sperm, and the baby appears with the variance due to genetic faults.

In addition, according to the latest research, it became known that the alcohol content in the blood is equal to its number in the semen. It is therefore not surprising that he is able to significantly disrupt the chromosomal composition of sperm.

On the other hand, the egg in the woman’s body Matures each month. This process can also be affected by various factors, including alcohol, but a little alcohol, drunk mother in the time interval from the beginning of the last menstrual bleeding and before conception, it is unlikely to harm her unborn baby. At the same time, alcohol, drunk future father for 2-3 months before conception, in particular on the day of conception, can badly affect the health of the baby.

In the best case, the embryo is very sensitive to all the negative factors that can cause severe deformities and pathologies, at worst, they can lead to its destruction.

When cells are damaged by alcohol, drugs, nicotine or viruses, they no longer share, which leads to a very early miscarriage, which is manifested as prolonged menstrual bleeding.

Taboo for pregnant women on alcohol

Everyone knows that expectant mothers celebrate exceptionally soft drinks. Because it is pregnant she does not drink, but for a company with the unborn baby.

Some people believe that alcohol can harm the embryo in the case, when already formed placenta and umbilical cord. After 10-14 days after the passage of a fertilized egg in the uterus is still no communication between mother and fetus. However, actually, the embryo still enters the mother’s blood. Thus, when through the small intestine and stomach alcohol enters the blood mother, he can reach the embryo and stop cell division.

Effects of alcohol on the conception of a child

It turns out that alcohol can harm the baby at any moment. However, the first three months is a very dangerous period, when still forming and developing bodies crumbs.

In particular, the most vulnerable brain: under the influence of alcohol reduced the number of its cells, and accordingly, its size. Then, in II and III trimesters of pregnancy alcohol interferes with the development and growth of the fetus. As a result, the risk of miscarriage increases by 2-4 times, when the mother takes more than 30 ml of alcohol, at the very least 2 times a week. On the 9th month of the brain crumbs actively developing and growing form of communication between cells, which is very negatively affected by alcohol.

It should be added that the negative impact on the unborn baby and has directly alcohol – ethanol, and the products of its decay – acetaldehyde. Ethanol causes spasm of the vessels of the umbilical cord and placenta that prevents delivery to the fetus of nutrients and oxygen. Acetaldehyde contributes to failures in the genetic material (DNA), which is manifested in the emergence of a variety of deformities.

Alcohol during pregnancy

Alcohol during pregnancyIn addition, alcohol interferes with the metabolism of hormones and vitamins in the tissues and organs of the fetus. While the most sensitive Central Nervous System that leads to disturbance of mental activity in the child. In addition, the abuse of alcohol during pregnancy contributes to miscarriage or birth of premature babies with low birth weight.

In the most severe cases, the development of fetal alcohol syndrome, which is associated with fetal damage. This syndrome is characterized by lag in both physical and mental development, behavioral abnormalities, heart failure, urinary tract and other organs, specific anomalies of the face. By the way, alas, these effects are not amenable to treatment.

But do not panic, after drinking a glass of dry wine or a glass of beer during pregnancy. It is safe, while not included in the regular habit, the cost of which can be both physical and mental health, and life in most cases, the beloved and long-awaited, though sometimes “unplanned” man.

Therefore, it is very unwise on the part of parents to put the child even tiny risk. This is why most doctors are unanimous and adamant in their opinion that the use of alcohol by women during pregnancy and for a couple of months before her men are not allowed!

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