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Conjunctivitis in children

Depending on the causative agent of conjunctivitis is bacterial or viral. In the first case, bacteria, constantly living on the mucous membrane, begin to attack the body, if your child has a weakened immune system. From such conjunctivitis often suffer and newborns: in this case, the inflammation is caused by germs trapped in the mucosa of the eyes of the generic ways moms. In this case, the disease manifests itself in the first week of a child’s life.

Viral conjunctivitis occurs on the background of acute respiratory diseases. It is much rarer.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis in children:

In both cases, the kid had red and watery eyes, he constantly rubs their hands. In bacterial conjunctivitis inflammation of both eyes, one of them pus, gluing eyelids ( especially in the morning ), and swollen eyelids.

Treatment of conjunctivitisViral conjunctivitis is affected only one eye, and abundant purulent discharge is intermittent.

Treatment of conjunctivitis:

In any case, do not use home remedies and do not buy the medicine at its discretion. At the first symptoms of inflammation urgently show the child to the ophthalmologist. Physician figure out what caused the disease, and depending on that will prescribe treatment.

In bacterial nature help drops or ointment with antibiotics. If the infection is caused by viruses, you will need antiviral medication. To reduce inflammation, every two hours, wipe the kid’s eyes ( in the direction from the outer corner to inner ) wads of gauze soaked in the decoction of chamomile, sage, calendula. For each eye take a separate swab and every time a new cook broth.

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