Contractions during childbirth

It is important to understand that attempts can take only a few tens of minutes in a standard generic process, however, that attempts are the most important period of labor activity. Note that depending on the particular physiological characteristics of the female body, from the presentation of the fetus, its size, from the real intensity of the current labor activity, and, of course, on what type of account is a specific pregnancy, the total duration of such undertakings may be completely different. Current statistics suggest that, as a rule, women nulliparous photoguy or the second period of labor activity lasts no more than two hours, but already in multiparous women in this period is no more than one hour.

The fight for women during childbirth

The fight for women during childbirthRecall that the period futile usually only starts when the cervix women fairly disclosed to subsequent safely ignore their baby. It is exactly this usually is the main role. – in a timely manner to help the baby to receive this light. Attempts – this is a pretty strong contraction, and completely different groups. In efforts to engage the abdominal muscles, diaphragm, and many others , and this creates increased intra-abdominal pressure, which subsequently helps to expel the fetus from his home – from the womb. Strong efforts are typically joined to fight the women on the stage, when they themselves are noticeable contractions become more frequent, stronger and become more powerful the longer and unfortunately more painful.

Attempts during labor always happen reflex, and they do not depend on the wishes of the pregnant woman, attempts due to increasing pressure, the so-called fetus part of the fruit directly on the cervix, as the fetus by this time much goes down. However, unlike the strongest contractions attempts still may be managed by a woman. Note that this was laid the very essence of labor activity. As the expectant mother and her child should make a mutual effort to accelerate the most long-awaited moment of the emergence of the crumbs into the light.

The vast majority of women during undertakings may experience a sensation that is very similar to the condition that occurs when urinating. For many there is a certain impression that this is the most maximum emptying of the bowel, probably why women and there is simply irresistible and even uncontrollable desire strongly to push. As the doctors say that this desire is absolutely not necessary to hold back, especially if this still insist themselves midwives, constantly watching the birth process. Thus, nature itself is trying to help the labouring woman to experience the strongest attempts and, most effectively, to fully cope with its main task in this period of time.

Women in efforts

According to the medical staff in the first period of labor, when contractions of the female body is aimed, first of all, full disclosure of the cervix, the woman can only partially alleviate their health, trying to take a more comfortable position, or using correct breathing techniques during labor. Recall that scrum does not depend on the woman as well as the total for labor activity in this period. However, with the onset of full-fledged undertakings from completely passive participant in the labor activity of the expectant mother must be turning into quite an active participant.

Fully feel attempts at labor activity is extremely important, in fact that is why anesthesia for pain of contractions doctors not applied well, at least in standard cases. However, many mothers still claim that it’s futile offensive soreness strongest contractions are already being felt, not so much as it was before. Almost all consciousness of women would like switches to the most effective efforts and the birth of a child from the womb.

It is also important to understand that passing through patrimonial ways women body little baby will be hard to squeeze all around the crumbs bodies. And with simultaneous attempts the woman all this may cause and female urinary bladder and, accordingly, the bowel may well inadvertently and not dependent on the wishes of the woman to be emptied during strong futile. Although, as a rule, a woman during the undertakings do not pay for such nuances particular attention, women often worry that it is quite possible “confusion” just before the birth, not remembering about her troubles during childbirth. Clearly women don’t have too much experience on this occasion. Because, firstly, this phenomenon is more than physiological, absolutely normal and even common for any of the medical staff of the maternity hospital. Secondly, virtually all unwanted or unplanned discharge from the body of the woman will immediately be removed by the midwife, and as a consequence of their contact with the woman with medical staff or the child is excluded completely.How to properly push during pregnancy

For mothers, the only correct solution in the coming period will be futile to fully concentrate on your own feelings, and basic instructions receiving your delivery medic. Understand that woman right now a lot will depend, moreover, directly. It is important to understand that the better and the more a woman will push, the actual lighter the baby will appear on this light. However, it should also be understood that an overly rapid birth of a baby is very stressful for him, and that is why your doctor from time to time may give the mother the end ceasing its attempts.

You should always bear in mind the fact that the baby directly in the undertakings will work no less than yours. And, in addition, toddler right now will experience the greatest shortage of oxygen, so listen to your doctor midwives and watching the process should unquestioningly! So keep your attempts, if the doctor is required if strong attempts, in his opinion, may not be very safe for baby. You will also have to compete hard directly on potage, when the doctor will give a woman such a team.

How to properly push during pregnancy?

Any woman will feel that she began attempts (You might want to read an article about how labour starts before birth). However, to push this may be a very early – and therefore listen carefully to the instructions of the doctor midwives. If the doctor is convinced that it is necessary to restrain or even to suspend potoku (in fact eliminate it completely impossible, as such, is a reflex, not depending on the desires of birth), and tells you about it, you should try and relax as much as possible, and as much as it could be, perhaps, when the relaxation is desirable to make a very short, but quite frequent and most importantly superficial breaths (as they call this process the physicians to go to the so-called “dog breath”).

Also try in the period futile to apply the correct breathing techniques, constantly accumulating all their strength on natureline. And when the time will come to help your unborn baby, it is important to accurately follow the doctor’s instructions. And specify, as a rule, are:
-in anticipation of the undertakings do most calm deep breaths, and behind them quietly and inhale as deeply as possible in the stomach – and as deeply as possible, and not as possible, the longer or more.
– try to hold your breath, slightly leaning forward and pressing while the chin to the chest, and knees at this moment spread to the sides, strongly drawn to his muscular depressions, it is possible to clasp the knees.
– then slowly start to push, and at the peak of physiological attempts, when you will experience maximum urges.
further with the advent of new attempts to try to push down, like “pushing” from the womb the baby and exert maximum effort. But remember, in any case you should not exert yourself in the face or eyes – remember, efforts should involve only the diaphragm and organs located below.
next try to push the baby forward, and putting in this effort for each new potage.
– try to send new attempts to the point of most intense pain. Moreover, burning or pain in the cervix or vagina each time should increase, which will be proof absolutely correct and effectively carried out attempts.
next tuites, until they themselves will not feel the urgent need to take another breath. In such cases, slowly exhale the air, breathing deeply, hold several breath and try to repeat all over again.
– it is important to follow a smooth, rhythmic and smooth breathing, without any stutters or drops. Sharp exhalations will “tighten” the child back into the womb.
– don’t shout while. – believe, it does not help you, but such cries will dissipate a lot of power. Try to be silent or at least quietly groan.
– remember, during one of the fight the woman should be made at least three attempts in a row naturally without breaks and holidays.
– in addition in between the strong contractions of the pregnant woman should try to relax and a little rest to recover for future undertakings.
– don’t force things. After all, there the woman is hard work and you have to focus, and to distribute their own strength.

And one more important thing, and good advice, when I do a breath before the next potugal, imagine that you want to absorb the ball – and even try to feel big ball in my stomach. A further effort at the level of the abdominal muscles try to push it a virtual ball to the crotch. Although, of course, you should listen to your own feelings, you know, nature, therefore, we were satisfied that the personal feelings of women during childbirth usually fail.

It is important to remember that, on average, for only contractions can occur about three undertakings for approximately 10 or even 15 seconds. Note that very many women in childbirth are trying to make one maximum long Portugu, although it is, of course, the global error. Believe me, it would be better to do two or even effective attempts during a single fight than to make one Portugu, but unproductive, which can stop all flow of oxygen to the fetus, which is so necessary right now to your baby.

It is extremely important to push as correct, otherwise your midwives will have to resort to the most extreme measures, including expulsion of the child from the woman’s belly, the use of forceps, or vacuum, in reality it is not advisable and can be dangerous for the baby. And so the woman needs to calm down and evaluate the situation and try to do everything that depends on you, for normal birth crumbs.

It should also be noted that the so-called vertical childbirth can not only accelerate but also greatly ease the process of childbirth. Such vertical childbirth contribute and correct straining effort, though, because the woman can resist your own feelings, not thinking about where to send it out (works normal gravity). In addition about the most convenient and advantageous positions in childbirth try to ask in advance, and even try these poses previously trying to understand what will be most comfortable specifically for you. Be sure to see the article with video about existing types of birth.

When attempts at childbirth do not come

Unfortunately, not all women feel full attempts at labor. In some cases, attempts are completely absent that, however, is not a serious violation of the process. Rather, it may be due to some physiological features of a woman.

And, nevertheless, the complete absence of undertakings may not be the best way to affect the General course of childbirth and your baby’s progress. In such situations, the woman just have to entirely rely on midwives physician, as closely as possible to listen to him and most diligently to carry out all his orders. Although to be honest, it is very, very difficult. But what to do about it: is it mother nature is full of physiologically correct attempts can occur, as it turns out, not all women.

Final childbirth

Final childbirthRemember, after the birth of your child should be born again and keeping baby’s placenta (or also called the afterbirth). At this point, the mother can once again feel the urge to potugal, although this time not as strong and powerful as it was in the second period of the generic process. The last one is a little effort and all your birthing process is fully completed!

We would like that would you have any Scarecrow description futile. The reality is that attempts are very help full in labour, and in addition attempts are not so terrible as they describe. Most importantly try to perceive their efforts as the most effective tool for the right full childbirth and try to use this tool in the best way.

Recall that in the process of undertakings directly from the vagina gradually begin to seem a little head crumbs (or possibly another part of the body of your baby, if your presentation was breech, and not the head). The baby himself will make a special translational motion, in fact that is why some time his head will then be shown, then hide back in the womb. And finally, when such reverse “ingestion” baby stop, you will be transferred directly into the childbirth room or put on a special maternity style. And remember, soon you even remember will not be about how difficult it is at this point you.

Try not to worry. After all, childbirth is a beautiful, natural process, which is long enough well-studied and to automaticity “worked out” as they say in practice. Remember, do not birth to be afraid – you are sure all is very good!

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