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Demodicosis skin (Demodex)

Causes of demodicosis skin

Demodectic mange is an infectious disease, which is the causative agent of subcutaneous mite Demodex (demodex folliculorum ), which inhabits the sebaceous glands, glands of the eyelids and the hair follicles. The size of the tick not more than 0.5 mm. mite Feeds on the contents of the glands, and therefore the greatest concentration of individuals observed in the field, most rich sebaceous glands (the wings of the nose, nasolabial triangle, chin). Also frequent localization of demodicosis become the eyes (eyelids). The presence of the mite is the main cause of demodicosis.

The growth of Demodex can cause hormonal creams and products that contain vegetable oil, grease, vaseline.

Symptoms of demodicosis

Causes and symptoms of demodicosis90% of the healthy population are carriers of Demodex, but he does not manifest itself. Adverse conditions, what could be the decreased immunity, stress, hormonal imbalance, endocrine diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the abuse of a Solarium or sun exposure, excessive visits to the bath, can cause the increased growth of Demodex and the onset of symptoms. Usually, the first symptom of demodicosis is itching, especially in the evening hours, as the mites are most active in the evening and at night, red spots, the skin becomes inflamed, becomes uneven, appear on the skin papules (nodules), the pores expand, if the process involved the eyelids, eyelids can become inflamed (blepharitis occurs), may cause a mucous discharge, on the eyelashes may appear white scales eyelashes yourself hard fall, if the inflammation goes on the conjunctiva, marked redness, tearing, feeling of sand or a foreign body in the eye.

Often demodicosis combined with pink acne, perioral dermatitis, especially after treatment with hormonal ointments, men found the combination of demodicosis with pathology of the prostate, and in women with thyroid disease.

Examination for Demodex

To clarify the diagnosis of demodicosis do a skin scraping and look under a microscope. Visually does not a diagnosis make, Demodex is very small and he lives under the skin. The analysis was accurate, it is impossible to wash the day before his passing and to use any creams for 10 days before a doctor.

Often demodicosis confused with acne vulgaris and trying to get rid of them using various home remedies, but it only gets worse. If this is your situation, provide analysis on Demodex.

Treatment of demodicosis

Treatment of demodicosisThe goal of treatment is the complete destruction of the tick and the creation of the organism to unfavorable conditions for its existence. As the aetiology of the course of treatment prescribed the following medications: trihopol, tiberal, topically ointment trichopolum, benzyl-benzoate, triderm ointment pits, and other means short courses, further 1-2 weeks break and repeat the course.

In parallel, may require vitamin therapy, treatment of chronic diseases, if available, to prevent the re-emergence of demodicosis. At the time of treatment necessary to eliminate alcohol, Smoking, sweet, acute, abandon decorative cosmetics.

The developmental cycle of Demodex mites ranges from 15 to 25 days, respectively, treatment of demodicosis should last at least a month. Usually performed several courses of treatment to prevent relapse.

Complications of demodicosis

The main complication is infection of the places from scratching the bite of Demodex other infections.

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