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Dental care during pregnancy

In the modern world medicine has been developing very intensively, and there is no exception dentistry. Special focus is dentistry pregnant.

In the period of formation and development of the fetus in the body of the mother undergoes serious restructuring: hormonal changes and an increased need for calcium and other trace elements, the expenditure of domestic resources on the formation of the fetus. In this regard, it often happens that these resources are not sufficient to protect their own body, the woman becomes vulnerable. All of this appears in the mouth.

Is it Possible to treat teeth during pregnancy

  • Any infectious process in the oral cavity of a pregnant woman, whether it be decay, inflammation of the gums or roots of teeth is accompanied by release of toxins microflora. Getting into the bloodstream and digestive tract, toxins poison the woman inside, she spends neutralize the additional forces may develop toxemia and other pregnancy complications.
  • To the expectant mother healthy diet is one of the most important components of pregnancy, because all the consumed substances and elements are components of the body of the baby. But about any healthy diet, the normal chewing of food cannot be considered when the defects of dentition, presence of carious teeth is destroyed.
  • Everyone knows that during pregnancy due to changes in hormonal and immune system there is a so-called “pregnancy gingivitis, characterized by bleeding gums, mouth odor, overgrowth of the gingival tissue. All of this scares young mothers; they start sparing himself not so thoroughly, more gently brush your teeth, more and more plaque accumulates on the teeth, which further aggravates the situation with the gums. There is “a vicious circle” to break , which can only dentist their professional manipulations.
  • And what to do if treatment is needed for anesthesia (anesthesia)? One answer: treat with anesthesia! It is established that the harm from stress during dental procedures may exceed any negative reaction from the introduction of modern anesthetic, usually on the basis of articaine.
    It is important to remember that anesthesia can be when formed barrier (from 14 -16 weeks).
  • You Need to remember that at birth the oral cavity of the child is sterile. Not difficult to guess, if mom has tooth decay which microorganisms settle down first in the mouth of a child.

Dental treatment during pregnancyI hope that after reviewing these paragraphs, the question of the need for and modalities of dental treatment during pregnancy was gone by itself. When it is better for this treatment? In the first trimester there is a bookmark and the formation of important organs. In the third trimester, the fetus is already practically formed, the woman is not comfortable to sit through lengthy dental procedures. Therefore, the optimal period is considered to be the II trimester.

What dental treatments are prohibited during pregnancy:

  • X-ray examination is better not to, and in cases of urgent need to spend it on a modern radio sighting devices that give exposure to 10-15 times lower than the x-ray machine.
  • to Remove a tooth is only in the case of acute pain, when conservative methods are not effective or impossible; or where the risk of progression of the inflammatory process (the tooth is the source of chronostasis).

When during pregnancy to visit a dentist:

  • It is best to treat the teeth before conception. When you learn that she is pregnant, the dentist should contact at least four times: 6-8, 16-18, 26-28 and 36-38 weeks. Don’t forget to inform the doctor about your pregnancy before taking to the testing and treatment was as comfortable and safe.
  • Not only it should be limited to a visit to the dentist. Even before the child was born, the mother must learn to care for his mouth, dairy and indigenous teeth. In addition, when the mother is aware of the means and methods of prevention that will help the baby teeth to be healthy fluoridation, the method of fissure and others.
  • Attention! The family should be dental healthy to birth your baby. Otherwise, dad, grandma or grandpa can cause infection of the baby during close contact. Therefore, each family member must choose either to wear the mask and don’t breathe on the baby or to carry out sanitation of the oral cavity and to visit the office of hygiene!

What type of dental work is safe to do during pregnancy?

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