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Dental Care for Children

Cleaning the teeth of children or the problem of learning to brush their teeth is something all parents face at some time. While no one will deny how important it is to instill this habit, which will help to keep the teeth of your children for years to come.

Dental Care for a newborn child
The most important step in proper oral hygiene is to start from an early age. To brush future teeth of the child should begin in the first days after birth. After each feeding, take a wet cloth and wipe the baby’s gums. It will help you achieve three objectives:
1. to Remove plaque accumulated on the gums.
2. the Child gradually gets used to the feeling of a clean mouth, and if it happens, then it will be easier to teach him the procedures necessary to maintain that sensation.
3. Your baby gets used to a foreign “presence” in the mouth. Later it will be easier to brush his teeth and just later dental procedures will be perceived not so sharply.

First teeth of the child
The first teeth usually appear around 6 months after birth. Time is sometimes quite heavy due to increased saliva production or irritation when teething. When the first teeth appear, you need each day to remove plaque with a cotton swab. If your child is not used to the fact that his mouth might be something else, the process becomes more complex. But if you have to battle, to win her you must! And bacteria in no case should not remain on the teeth of your child.

Cleaning and care of teeth in children
Parents care about the cleanliness of children’s teeth until around 8 years. Usually the younger children lack the manual skills to complete the cleaning. But to remove plaque is necessary since the decay affects children’s teeth faster than adults.

No need to use a large amount of toothpaste, enough ball the size of a pea, otherwise the abundance of foam complicate cleaning. Encourage your child to spit out toothpaste. Constant ingestion may lead to excessive accumulation of fluoride in the body. Remember that the child must be a separate children’s toothbrush with soft rounded bristles.

Care of teeth in childrenEncourage your child to clean teeth gently and gradually. Slowly swipe the brush on the teeth, letting him feel her mouth, even if you really did not clean. Let your child know that brushing your teeth is not painful and scary.
Always first give your child to brush their teeth, and then brush them yourself for best results.

How to help and teach child to brush teeth
Find all sorts of ways to turn teeth brushing into a game. Let your child know that it can be fun and not a tedious obligation.

Here are some ways that will help you to make the procedure of brushing teeth a fun and enjoyable experience, and at the same time to instill a useful habit:
1. Let the child choose his own toothbrush, toothpaste and even a glass to rinse or stool, with which he can see in the mirror as he brushes his teeth. Now in pharmacies and stores offers a large selection of children’s brushes of different shapes and colors, for example, with favorite cartoon characters.
2. If your child loves to read him a story, told a story or sang before going to sleep, do it only after he washed my face and brushed my teeth.
3. You are tired to recall “take your toys”, “tuck in bed”, “brush your teeth”? Children under 8 years can do a lot to remember and do, but not always. Draw special fun plate, which will include all you need to do every day, including brushing your teeth in the morning and evening. Let the child marks, for example, colored stars that have already been made. And sometimes the high “forgetfulness” is just a way to attract the attention of parents.
4. Clean your teeth at the same time with the child. This will help him see how important this is to you and how to do it right. Imitation of parents is a very powerful motivator for children under 7-8 years.
5. Together clean the teeth of a favorite doll or bear. You can even use artificial teeth or a toy, on which you will be able to demonstrate how to brush teeth.

Whatever you do, remember the following. First, be prepared for the fact that you have to remind your son or daughter how important it is to brush their teeth and what happens if this is not done. Good habits are formed long, and your ingenuity and creativity will help you to smooth the process and make it enjoyable for yourself and your baby. As a reward you will be surprised and delighted responses pediatric dentist after a regular routine examination of your child.

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