Infectious diseases

Dermatophytosis (ringworm)

Dermatophytosis (ringworm) – an infectious disease characterized by the appearance of the skin sharply limited, scaly areas with broken hairs at the base or the development of pronounced inflammation of the skin, with purulent exudation, and the formation of a thick peel.

Reasons trichophytosis (ringworm)

Surface trichophytosis antropofilnymi caused by fungi, i.e. parasitic only in humans. Usually affects children. The infection is transmitted by direct contact, at least through objects (linen, combs, brushes, hats, etc.). The disease is very contagious, why is often observed in the form of family and school outbreaks.

Symptoms trichophytosis (ringworm)

On the smooth skin appear round or oval slightly swollen spots, bordered by a border of small vesicles, nodules, crusts; in the centre a small defurfuration.

With the localization process on the scalp generated numerous, random bleszinki size from a pea to a fingernail, covered with grayish-white scales. Patients hair are extremely characteristic changes: most of them do not fall, but only shortened and broken off. Part of the hair from inside their development of the fungus break off at the point of exit from the skin and appear dark dots. Other dull, grayish, curved, break off at a height of 2-3 mm.

Diagnostics trichophytosis (ringworm)

Clinical diagnosis is confirmed by detecting the pathogen by microscopy and sowing.

Treatment trichophytosis (ringworm)


Conducted inpatient and outpatient. In case only smooth skin lesions smeared on the morning of 2-20 % iodine tincture and evening, 5-10 % sulfur-salicylic ointment for several weeks, i.e. until the complete disappearance of the lesions.

With the defeat of the scalp hair is in the pockets of shave 1 time a week and pockets of grease in the morning 2-5% alcoholic solution of iodine, for the night — 5 % sulfur-salicylic or 5-10 % sulfur-tar ointment. It is also recommended every other day to wash my hair with hot water and soap. At the same time inside appoint griseofulvin tablets from calculation of 22 mg per 1 kg body daily (by 20-25 days). After receiving the first negative review mushrooms, griseofulvin administered every other day for 2 weeks, and then 3 days for another 2 weeks until complete recovery.

Treatment trichophytosisIn children with contraindications for griseofulvinsee recommended to remove hair 4 % epilinum plaster. Pre-shave hair, plaster is applied in a thin layer on the pockets. Children under 6 years old plaster is applied once in 15-18 days, while older children — twice, changing the bandage in 8-10 days. Usually the hair falls out after 21-24 days. Then prescribe fungicidal agents.

In cases of infiltrative-nagnoitel’noj ringworm treatment starts with the removal of crusts, available in the lesions, using dressings with 2% salicylic vaseline. Then produce a manual epilation (removal) of the hair with tweezers as in the outbreaks, so 1 cm in their circle. Later prescribed wet-drying dressings of 0.1% solution of ethacridine, 10 % aqueous solution of Ichthyol or Borovskoy fluid. After the elimination of acute inflammation used 10-15 % zerodischarge, 10 % sulfur-salicylic ointment, ointment Wilkinson. This treatment can be combined with a cottage griseofulvin inside.

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