Diabetes mellitus type 1

The cause of diabetes type 1 diabetes is the destruction of beta-cells, resulting in the development of a pronounced deficiency of insulin or, as they say, absolute insulin deficiency, which leads to starvation of the cells on the one hand and to their poisoning (intoxication) products of fat breakdown with the other hand. At the same time the blood circulates not only sufficient, but an excessive amount of glucose. Thus, there is a paradoxical situation, when near the cell mass “food” and cell “hungry”, because there is no key that would open the cell to glucose.

In order to understand this better, imagine the following picture. Heat. Mercilessly hot. I want to drink. In a transparent vessel floating on the river people. Around a lot of water, but a person can not escape from the vessel to drink. And he will die of thirst, if you can’t get out, despite the huge amount of saving water behind the transparent wall. And the cell will die from starvation and poisoning, if you will not be able to eat glucose.

Causes of diabetes type 1

Causes of diabetes type 1In diabetes mellitus type 1 in the irreversible destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas there is an absolute deficiency of insulin, which means almost complete absence in the body, severe shortages. Almost anywhere in the body, insulin is no longer produced, so the expressed deficiency of insulin for the body is a disaster.

Why is the death of beta cells?
Reasons could be several. One of them is the effect of viruses on the beta cells, which is either in the immediate destruction of these cells by viruses or disguise of the virus in the cell so that the immune system begins to perceive their native beta cells as foreign and destroys them. The second reason is that such changes in the immune system that are not associated with viruses, but once again, the body begins to perceive their native beta cells as foreign and destroys them (autoimmune process). Today has not yet found ways to protect beta cells from the damaging effects of viruses or own immune system, although active research in this area is constantly underway.

So currently the only way to normalize the disturbed metabolism in type 1 diabetes is to give the body what is missing, i.e., insulin.

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