Diabetes mellitus type 2

The basis of diabetes mellitus type 2 lies relative deficiency of insulin. The word “relative” suggests that, in General, insulin is secreted enough, but it is lacking about something. Often relatively overweight. That is, if a person, for example, weighs 60 kg, then the body produces about 60 units of insulin per day. This number of “keys” is enough to open all the cells.

If the person recovers and weigh up to 120 kg, therefore, increase the number of cells that you want to open. Therefore requires a greater amount of insulin that the pancreas can not give. In the result, the blood glucose rises, instead of having to go into the cage. In addition, if overweight, all cells are usually overloaded with fat, and “fatty” bad cell perceives insulin, i.e., the key is poorly suited to the castle, and, consequently, the cell is bad offer.

Diabetes mellitus type 2
It is overweight is a leading cause of diabetes type 2, which accounts for more than 90% of all cases of this disease. But sometimes diabetes type 2 diabetes develops on the background of normal weight. In this case, the development of relative deficiency of insulin due to either production of abnormal insulin (wrong key), or defect of insulin receptors, i.e., the “keyhole” of the cell, or maybe both.

Rarely, other types of diabetes associated with various endocrine and endokrinnye diseases, and certain medications.

Causes of diabetes type 2

Causes of diabetes type 2Stress, infection, any disease, surgery is the factors that make high demands on beta-cells, increasing the body’s need for insulin, and against the background of a certain “Labinci” from beta-cells can provoke the development of diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2. Today it is proved that for the development of diabetes required inherited “flawed” by the beta cells, i.e. diabetes, and type 1 and 2 are genetically inherited diseases. Many may argue that it is never anyone in the genus diabetes was not, and I suddenly became ill. This is possible, but you should consider the following. First, you don’t know what hurt your ancestors in the tenth knee. Secondly, the person receives genetic information equally from the father and from the mother, and the combination diabetogenic genes (genes that program the same score from beta cells or defect “keys”, or defect keyhole) from the father and the mother increases the risk of developing diabetes in the child. This, however, does not mean that if the parents had diabetes, he will develop and the child. The risk of developing type 1 diabetes in a child if sick mother, is 3-5%, if sick father is about 6%, if both parents – to 11%.

The risk of developing type 2 diabetes a few more. Therefore, it is important to eat right, live an active lifestyle to prevent obesity, which, as you understand, is a leading factor in the implementation of the genetic information, which he handed to parents. This is the prevention of diabetes type 2.

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