Diabetes self care

If you have diabetes of the second type, it is not fatal, you can lead a normal life, just every day you should follow a few simple rules. There are methods and medications that can cure diabetes at home. These tools allow the diabetic to live with diabetes and lead a normal life, doing daily chores and work.

You can control the progress of diabetes, the main thing is to measure the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

You should regularly measure blood sugar levels independently. When the sugar level is known, it is possible to adjust the approach to the treatment of diabetes, if blood sugar is not correct. There are several ways to measure sugar level:

  • The traditional way of measuring blood sugar at home – the finger prick using a small needle, entire drop of blood on a test strip, which shows the result.
  • Glucose meters that allow you to take blood not only from the finger. Alternative sites blood test: shoulder, forearm, base of thumb, thigh.
  • Laser analysis, creates high-precision laser beam penetrating through the skin of the finger that pierces the skin, it diminishes the pain and discomfort.
  • MiniMed System constantly monitors the blood sugar level. A small catheter is inserted under the skin, the device collects a small amount of blood and measures the level of sugar in 72 hours.
  • GlucoWatch. The device resembles a clock, takes on the analysis of fluid from the skin, measures glucose level three times an hour for 12 hours.

You should consult with your doctor which way to choose.

Diabetes self care management

Diabetes self care managementNormal blood sugar level is considered as a healthy person. Basic rules that the diabetic patient should adopt:

  • To adhere to a healthy diet.
  • Regularly perform physical activity.
  • Take medicine.
  • Check blood sugar levels.


Problem of excess weight with diabetes

Getting rid of extra pounds normalizes the state of health of people with diabetes type 2:

  • Blood sugar Level reaches normal value.
  • Blood pressure is Normalized.
  • Improved cholesterol level.
  • Reduces the load on the legs.
  • Person feels lightness in the body.

Self treatment diabetes

There are many methods of treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2. Alternative treatment methods include acupuncture, relaxation by overlaying image, yoga, hypnosis, massage. This includes nutritional supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural ingredients. Relaxation can easily be carried out at home, others are technique practitioner.

Sleep disorders in diabetes

Self treatment diabetesIf a person with diabetes type 2 diabetes sleep problems, this indicates poor control of blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that if people who are not suffering from diabetes, sleep little, they risk developing diabetes or they may increase the sugar level. It turns out that a good sleep can positively influence blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. If you suffer from sleep disorders, you need to consult a doctor. Sleep for a person is very important.
Nutritional supplements diabetes
There are additional ways of diabetes treatment. For example, a food additive, but some might help and some harm. Before you start to take supplements, you should consult your doctor. Natural supplements such as chromium or magnesium in small doses is very effective in the treatment of diabetes. Ephedrine and Dubrovnik is very dangerous, and can severely undermine the health of the patient.
Natural remedies diabetes Perhaps you hope for a cure with the help of natural remedies. Before you start to take the medication, carefully read the composition and contraindications. You should always consult with a doctor before taking the drug, or put the doctor on notice. It is unknown how the drug may affect blood sugar levels.

Software for diabetics

Developed a special computer program for diabetics that helps to control your symptoms. For example, software that reads the information from the meter and monitors the changes of blood sugar level. The program allows you to download data from the glucometer and store them in the computer to view in tables and percentages all decrease and increase the level of sugar in the blood.

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