Diapers for Newborns

Diapers – it’s an accessory for kids, which today is used by almost all parents. Therefore, in preparation for the appearance of the crumbs into the light necessary to understand the range of modern diapers, to determine the most suitable in all respects, and to learn how to choose the best quality.

How to Choose a Diaper

It is first important to learn how to determine the size. It depends on the comfort and convenience of the child. For example, the smallest of all the stores is the size 1. It is intended for babies weighing up to 2 kilograms. As a rule, is premature children.

But the next size is intended for babies born at term weighing up to 6 kilograms. Such products often also have special soft insert on the front of the product, which falls exactly at the umbilical wound. In this case, wearing of the diaper causes discomfort and pain to the child.

In General, the choice always depends on the weight and the General parameters of crumbs. So do not just buy the huge pack store. Every month, you may have to buy all new size.

If you have any difficulty with the choice, for help you can always contact the consultants of the store or to the pediatrician. Importantly, pre-measure the parameters of their child.

What kind of diaper to choose for a newborn baby:

  • To pay attention to the raw materials used to manufacture the diaper. It is desirable that the base was made of natural material. In this case, the skin will be the access of air, which prevents diaper rash and allergic reactions.
  • Choose a diaper size that you want. It is not necessary to take diapers one size larger. The child will be uncomfortable, and stool can leak out.
  • Pay attention to the clasp. It is better that the diaper was stretching elastic bands. This will allow you to not squeeze the tummy of the baby and securely fasten the means of hygiene on the baby’s bottom. Another important point – quite a massive elastic band in the back. Thanks to her, the stool liquid will not flow out even if the diaper is completely absorbed.
  • Please note if there’s impregnation. In recent years it has become fashionable to add products to lotions or creams, softening the skin. But for a newborn such a structure can result in terrible allergies, because the baby skin is by nature gentle and soft.
  • Should buy reusable nappies. They are suitable for older children who are being introduced to the potty.

What Brand of Diapers is Better?

Parents modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of different diapers. Their products differ on several parameters and on design, quality, and cost. To choose the best diapers, you should study the information about all the popular products discussed.

Diapers “Pampers”

Diapers "Pampers"Note that the products of this company is derived from the word “pamper”. There are a variety of products Pampers – not only the usual diaper, but also panties. For example, Active Baby is available in three sizes for babies weighing from 4 to 16 pounds. They are designed for kids who lead an active lifestyle.

But pampers Premium Care with respect to more expensive goods that provide child dry and comfortable as long as possible. They are even suitable for newborns, which is impregnated with balm from irritation and pelosta, as well as hypoallergenic materials. There is a sale and other types of Diapers.

Diapers “Moony”

Diapers "Moony"On sale you can find these Japanese diapers are of two types: for use by the Japanese in the country (very high quality and comfortable) and for shipment for sale to other countries (less quality with a hard surface).

Therefore, parents try to buy diapers the first type. They are easy to distinguish. At first drawn Winnie the Pooh and placed inscriptions are exclusively in Japanese.

These diapers are very thin and not visible under clothing. Near the legs are soft elastic bands that do not irritate the delicate skin. The product is breathable and hypoallergenic. No fragrance, so as not provided for chemical impregnation. Velcro does not make noise, so when changing the diaper, the baby would not Wake up.


Diapers “Libero”

Diapers "Libero"Diapers from Libero are sold in packs of different sizes and also vary according to their original purpose. Can be purchased, for example, a small pack of 16 units or up to 84 pieces.

Very popular among buyers are the diapers Up & Go. For active babies who are always on the move. Conveniently, most of the models are suitable both for boys and for girls.

The diapers themselves are very high quality, with absorbent layer, which allows you to keep the skin dry and clean. All the materials used very soft and gentle so they don’t chafe the legs, and the tummy crumbs.



Diapers “Huggies”

Diapers "Huggies"The assortment of diapers Haggis is very extensive. There are models for newborns, “classic”, “ultra-comfort” and others.

For example, Haggis for newborns absorb not only the urine, and liquid feces. Among them there are models even for premature babies. The navel provides a soft insert, which protects the tender spot from rubbing.

“Little Walkers” designed for active kids. Diapers are designed so that they can change baby even while driving.

Have Haggis and panties. These models are chosen depending on the sex of the child. Some are designed for boys and for girls.


Diapers “Merries”

Diapers "Merries"Diapers, designed for children manufacturers from Japan especially for toddlers. The products have a barrier to keep the stool, the indicator, which allows you to determine when it’s time to change diaper and reusable Velcro straps that easily fasten in one easy click.

But most stores buyers warn that the Merries are slightly different in size in the smaller side, as it has been developed specifically for Japanese kids. It is necessary to consider at purchase.

The main feature of these diapers – adding walnut extract of witch hazel, which protects baby from chafing and rubs.



Differences in Diapers for Boys and Girls

Most diapers are gender-separated. Between themselves, they primarily differ in that, where is the absorbent layer. For boys close to the abdomen, as they write ahead, and for girls – closer to the buttocks, because they write for themselves.

They may vary and form patterns. So in products for boys at the front have more space. And for girls fit tighter.

The difference is often in appearance. Women can be gentle or bright pink, and peach or yellow. So they decorate the different characters in favorite girls cartoons. Sometimes on the surface, you’ll even floral print or image of the bows.

For young men discussing accessories, usually grey, blue or green. They can be represented as super-heroes or machines. But at desire always it is possible to find a universal model.

How many newborn diapers you need and how often to change?

Do not buy from a huge number of diapers for future use. Child can very quickly grow from them. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy very large packages. It is best to start to focus on the amount of 15-40 units. This is especially true of those parents who plan to wear the baby diaper only in rare cases, for example during a trip or a trip to the doctor.

Equally important is knowing how often to change the baby diaper. You should do this right after the baby poops or every three hours. It is very convenient to purchase products with a fullness indicator. In this case the mother will be able to see on a special scale, how filled diaper.

If you want to rid your apartment of unpleasant odors from used diapers, you can choose a garbage for diapers. The article will tell you what is it, why is used and what types are.

When the newborn is not desirable to be in diapers?

We must not forget that in some cases the use of diapers is not recommended. These include:

  • A disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. Parents need to know that the liquid mass in the diaper can cause the skin crumbs in severe irritation. If a baby has diarrhea, the use of these accessories is completely avoided or carefully monitor the child and remove them immediately after emptying.
  • Increased temperature. If you forget to remove the baby’s diaper, then lower the temperature will be practically impossible. He can close a considerable part of the child’s body and disrupt the normal heat transfer.
  • Allergic to components of the diapers from a certain manufacturer.

Newborn Cloth Diapers: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

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