Infectious diseases

The disease after a cat scratch

Cat scratch Disease (benign lymphoreticulosis) – an infectious disease that occurs after scratches, bite or close contact with cats and is characterized by moderate General intoxication, and enlarged lymph nodes closest to the place of introduction of infection. Sometimes the nervous system is affected.

Causes catscratch disease

Pathogen – small stick – Bartonella. Reservoir and source of infection – the cats from which the causative agent is the representative of normal microflora of the oral cavity.

Man becomes infected by close contact with the cat (licking, scratching, biting, etc.).
Usually sick children and persons under 20 years of age, most often in the fall and winter. You may experience family flare, and family members become ill within 2-3 weeks.

From person to person disease is not transmitted.

Symptoms of cat scratch disease

the Incubation period lasts from 3 to 20 days. There sagusa scratch or bite of a cat appears small, high, rimmed in red, slightly painful, itchy spot that 2-3 days turns into a vial filled with turbid contents. In place of the bubble, a small sore or scab. A few days after scratches there is an increase closest to her lymph nodes. At this time, the patient worried headache, weakness, slight fever. Some patients with high body temperature (38-39C) with a small utrennee-evening variations and sweats, but after 7-10 days normal or becomes small. In some cases fever takes a fluctuating course. Rarely fever may be a total of 5-6 months or longer. Sometimes the disease proceeds at normal body temperature.

Affected lymph node after reaching a maximum, slowly absorbed, rarely suppuration and opened independently.

Diagnosis of catscratch disease

cat scratch Disease can be diagnosed on epidemiological data and the typical clinical symptom complex. To confirm the diagnosis using a skin test with the antigen of the pathogen and study the contents of the PCR in biopsy material.

Treatment of catscratch disease

In this disease of antibiotics effective only gentamicin. As a rule, it ends in spontaneous cure in 1-2 months. To reduce the pain of inflamed lymph node, sometimes it is a puncture with removal of pus.

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