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Disease and hair loss (baldness)

Brilliant, beautiful, well-groomed hair and decorate are a sign of health. However, to keep them in this state are not easy. Because the hair is affected by many aggressive factors of the environment (pollution of air, hot sun, cold) and is influenced by the state of the organism itself.

One of the most common problems – hair loss or alopecia, which can lead to baldness. Androgenetic alopecia often occurs in men. The reason is the influence of male sex hormones androgens on hair follicles. It is located follicles are sensitive to androgens, due to the characteristic form of male baldness. Another form of alopecia is alopecia areata – can manifest in both men and women, and children. Thus a head, and sometimes on the eyebrows or beard appear rounded areas devoid of hair. The nature of this type of baldness is still not completely elucidated.

Another problem that concerns not only the hair and scalp, but also all skin rich in sebaceous glands (face, skin folds) is seborrhea. In this disease, frequently occurring in puberty, the sebaceous glands produce increased amounts of sebum, which besides the “wrong” part. This makes the hair greasy, thin, and starts to fall. Furthermore, there is an abundance of dandruff. The skin lesions may vary depending on the form of the disease.

Disease and hair loss (baldness) - symptoms, causes and treatmentDandruff – perhaps the most common problem that may occur in men, women and children. According to statistics, 30% of the population has dandruff, and 50% once in his life suffered from it. Direct cause of dandruff in most cases is a fungus, but the factors causing it enhanced reproduction can be quite diverse. This is a and seborrhea, and a reduced immune system, and chronic infections, hormonal disorders, and even improper hair care.

If you experience problems with your hair, you should consult a dermatologist, or a narrower trichologist.The doctor will determine the condition of the hair, will help you recognize their dependence on the internal problems of the body and prescribe treatment.

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